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Please dont dig up the lawn...


Anyone having read my blogs will know that we are working hard on the garden in preparation for “The Wedding” next May.
We thought it would be rather pretty to have some bulbs (avoided in the past because of the squirrels) well as we have not seen any squirrels for ages, my hubby set out and planted some fairly expensive bulbs, as a rule anything that gets planted below ground by himself is usually dug up by me a few days later, (any spare ground needs a plant!) so I suggested he put a stick where the bulb was, seemed like a good idea at the time………..we duly spread a layer of compost over the whole of the border, and thought that was that!!
Over the next few days squirrels appeared from nowhere, how do they know? so all the sticks are all over the place, goodness knows where the bulbs are?
Next to appear was the badger obviously looking for worms, so now the compost is all over the place, we have had a lot of problems with Mr B. in the past, what with digging up the fence to get into our garden ( the fence divided the garden down the middle) luckily our daughter was living next door to us then, so we had a gate so that each of us could slip round for a cuppa etc, well in the end we had to keep the gate open every night so that Mr. B. could mosey on round, if it was shut he would destroy the newly erected fence….bless, why Bill Oddie wants to spend hours looking for them I do not know just wait till one o’clock in the morning and as regular as clockwork he saunters through, I must get in touch, could make a few bob here… well that was fine until daughter moved to bigger house, new neighbour, gate got shut, two big holes in fence now ! well I can live with that, but I have heard they can dig up a lawn over night……..please wait till after The Wedding!!!!

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You are absolutely right in thinking that our black and white 'friends' can wreck a lawn overnight! When they've been, they leave clods of earth which used to have grass growing on them, the holes where the clods came from, and the disconnected grass. I sigh a deep sigh, get my boots on, and go across the afflicted lawn pushing the clods back in and treading them down - when the grass is still attached, fine, it grows again - but obviously there are lttle bare patches for a while.

Fortunately, this only happens for a few weeks when the grubs are prolific. Then we are left in peace until the next grub season. (Or should that be 'grubby' season)?

4 Nov, 2008


Spritz ~
I have the comical picture in my mind of you in your wellies with Henry. Both of you pushing back the pieces of turf upended by the badgers, getting grubbier by the minute.!

DottyDaisy2 ~
There's only one answer. Invite the badger to the wedding. He'll look very smart in his black and white. :o)

5 Nov, 2008


Great idea Terratoonie, why didnt I think of that one?

5 Nov, 2008

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