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I started with a pile of wood and stuff…my late husband had stored a lot of cedar for building lawn chairs…it was under a blue tarp and it was rotting on the bottom.

The pile was much larger than this…but I had to start digging it out so this is what it looked like in the process.

I took it all into my breezeway and stood it on end to stay dry..along with a few items for Mud Cat…(my store that I closed in December)

I am now leaving it pretty much as is..may put something on the little patch of dirt there to keep weeds and wild roses from coming up. but I did manage to put out a cold frame and put together a makeship compost bin for the rotted wood that just would not be moved..

Below is my dragon…I have put the metal leaves around him that my daughter made the mistake of leaving here in my way..if you look closely you can see a pewter chicken in his mouth..he lives very near the wood pile project I have been working on and I had to dresshim up a bit…he used to be the center piece of my herb and veggie garden that was shaped like a wheel around him..the only thing left of that is him and a bush of lovage..but he is a good guard dragon and he enjoys the view…

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well done cat looks like you had a lot of work to do.
Love the guard dragon. ;0)

19 Apr, 2009


who made the dragon catfinch? it looks great.

19 Apr, 2009


Yes Sue and a lot more to do if and when I get back to it...I am leaving soon for a trip. So it will all have to wait until we see what comes next.
I am glad I got it this far with all the work I have been doing and am still doing in my house...just a few more painting touch ups and massive cleaning over the next 9 days and then I get to take a break from it and see what adventures lie in store.
Yes I love that DragonHeart too...he was my Garden Dragon for a he is my Guard Dragon...he does a good job... :) ~Cat

19 Apr, 2009


Actaully the dragon was made by a friend of my husbands and given to him. He had thought to make a chimeny out of him for a rock and mortar BBQ but decided not to build it. He was just lying about being a goofy Dragon head when I suggested that he become the centerpiece for my Dragon Garden...David built a cone shaped stand for him and we built dirt up around him and he has been there in the center of what used to be my Dragon Garden for 12 years or so...he owns this place I think....LOL. ~Cat

19 Apr, 2009


He's great Catfinch! and looks very much at home, you have been working hard!
By the way my daughter and i have just watched a fantastic programme called Horse People by Alexandra Tolstoy (grt grandaughter of THE Tolstoy War & Peace) it was all about Spain and the Andulusia (spelling!) horses, fantastic programme don't know if you can find it online or anything but thought you would enjoy it too! it was on our BBC2 channel

19 Apr, 2009


I will look for it...sounds to learn anything about horses and Andulusia's are so gorgeous.
Thanks SK..! :)

19 Apr, 2009


Don’t work to hard ~enjoy your adventure!!

19 Apr, 2009


Love your dragon Cat.
Have a great trip, you deserve something good to come from it.

19 Apr, 2009


Wish my brother had had time to build one cedar chair for you out of some of those old boards before he got sick so you would have a place to sit and rest and look at the Straits and the clouds and the mountains. Only happiness on your trip! Sisty


22 Apr, 2009


He did build one My is in my favorite sitting and watching birds spot...under a pine tree in the front yard..I used it there tons last summer...I wrote about it in my blog the color yellow...
I knew how comfortable those boards could
I am expecting to have a very sweet happy time on my trip..
Thanks to all for the good wishes...

22 Apr, 2009


I remember the Yellow Blog now that you mention it. Don't remember your chair, though.
I do remember when Dave was about 15 and I was 8 that he built some Adaironack chairs to sell so that he could buy a three speed (I think,) bike..whew that was a while back. LOL

23 Apr, 2009


LOL..he was always an industrious one wasn't you remembered that from millions of years ago like that!..I am so did plan to take it up again I have the lumber to prove will be put to good use for all sorts of things now that it has been dug out...not chairs...maybe benches etc... :)

25 Apr, 2009


Watch your mouth there, little Missy! It couldn't have been more than a thousand years ago that I was bugging him while he was trying to build chairs. Harumph!

27 Apr, 2009


Great dragon head Catfinch, I know things will get better as time goes by, enjoy your trip & when getting back you will be inspired to deal with that little corner again.

18 May, 2009 sure needs some inspiration Paula. I should mention that the lumber has alreay been put to some good my son came and built a bed frame for me with some of it...and then used it again on some work he did with lattice on the upper deck to keep little ones safe for anyone leasing the was him uncovering the pile and digging through it for proper wood for the bedframe he had in mind to build that made me realize that I needed to get it in a better place. It all turned out so lovely...he did a great job..he said he wanted to do Dave proud working with his wood...and he did.

19 May, 2009


I'm glad the wood was being used. Saving odds and ends of wood seems to be a trait that is ingrained in our family. Started with my mom, she was always building little things.

24 May, 2009

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