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The bee's have gone mad


As the weather cools and winter shows signs of being on the way..the yellow jackets have lost their minds and fly wildly and sloppily trying to feed their hive the last of anything they can find that has a sweet scent or rotting scent to it.
I have been closing any avenues of entrance into my syrup bottles at my shop…the bees will crawl into any crevice it seems at this time of the year to get to what they sense to be nectar. They are not so bad as they used to be before I learned how to control this yearly situation so well.
We have had cooling storms once again..heavy winds and seas spraying the parking lot by my shop with salty water.
Soon it will be tossing kelp and sea grass on shore as well. The Seagulls will be staying closer by and they will be grabbing the small crabs that the sea has uncovered and tossed onto the rocks. I will be and audience that will watch the struggling little legs be pulled one by one by the hungry gulls…leavng only the little red backs scattered about. My petunias that I planted in the flower planter at the edge of my shop will have taken all they can of the battering and will die off, the daylilies will die back and wait again for the spring, the salsify that self seeded there last year will fade out and come again if they chose in the spring…I will let the bed rest knowing that the salty sea will have it’s way with the bed over the winter…my windows in my shop will be slapped with salt spray and sea weed.
The bees will go into hibernation and come back when it is warm again.
I heard that the book “The Secret Life of Bees” is being made into a movie. The book was wonderful, I hoe they do half as well with the movie.

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That was a lovely story Catfinch , I could see and smell the sea and the constant battles and dramatic tug of life and death , I would like to hear some more when you have time :))

5 Oct, 2008


Sounds very "bracing" Cat.

I also loved that book, "Secret Life of Bees" - so glad its being made into a movie.

5 Oct, 2008


I am an aspiring freelance writer so appreciate that I managed to bring my life to you..I am not good at fiction but enjoy writing about what I know & love. Thank you...Amy...

5 Oct, 2008


me to Claire!

5 Oct, 2008



As a former beekeeper I shall relate to you of an adventure relating to another species.

This would relate to my mouthful of black hornets that I inhaled when I stuck a Howie knife down their nest while weeding. They swarmed into my shocked and open mouth.

To make a story short. Homer Simpson was much handsomer. I continued to work. Upon presenting my bill the owner nearly passed out. On the way home I saw my friends John and Irene. They about fainted. My lips now protruded like a funnel that I could see extended past my nose. John wanted to take a picture, but I clucked out.

Went home and found some long necked beer bottles and they barely hit the right spot. I knew then something was
wrong. Looked in the mirror and now I near passed out.

I wished I had allowed John to take a picture.

A few more cold beers helped a lot.

11 Dec, 2008


My husband had much the same experience while riding a bicycle...his story was at least as funny as yours...always a good laugh after it is only a memory...

12 Dec, 2008

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