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Tomtoes have outgrown the house - Day of the Trifids???


Well, I couldn’t store the tomatoes any more in the house, I had to repot them last week as they were fast outgoring the pots I transferrred them into as seedlings. They are now fully fledged plants! So I took them out to the shed and placed them on a large tray which is filled with sand and under the sand are heated wires. I have had this contraption for a couple of years now and it has helped to germinate the more tender/tropical plants that I grow. There is also a heater in there to keep the surrounding temperatures warmer and after last nights frost the toms are fine!!!

I now have to work out how to keep them happy until I can plant them outside in May!!

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Are you planning on selling your tomato produce? I only grow 2 plants and get loads of toms, sufficient for my family of 3 anyway. Maybe you could limit the number of plants you have, that would certainly make them easier to look after. By the way, congrats on growing them!

31 Mar, 2008


I intend to make my own tomato sauces for pasta, chilli, etc, but yes, I am going to give some away to family. Mum has already got 2 red ones and 1 yellow and I'm going to give a couple to my brother. They are excellent for containers so I can always find somewhere for them to go. These will be my first tomatoes, I remember when my Mum used to grow them and the gorgeous smell in the greenhouse. I used to make pom-poms and tie them on the end of canes to tickle the flowers to pollinate them.

31 Mar, 2008


Your tomatoes already look like award winners. Looking at them is making me crave for a fresh tomato from the garden sandwich ( toasted wheat, mayonaise, dash of salt and pepper and a paper thin slice of onion ) YUM ! :)

31 Mar, 2008

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