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My Statues and Guardians of my garden


Following on from Andrew’s Blog last week, he kindly showed us all of the ‘helpers’ he has in his garden. It firstly reminded me that I needed to get outside and put my statues and sculptures out as I tend to keep them protected from frost as they are unique.

This is Jasmine, not a sculpture but our cat, although it tends to sleep most of the time you’d certainly think it was made of stone!

Samuel J Errol the Eagle. He guards the entrance to the garen from the side of the house. The shells are from the British Virgin Islands brought back from a memorable holiday, a conch and an abelone

A hand sculptured stone pot!

This is a lovely piece of stone, it is covered with imprints of shells and fossils

A sculptured pot, for a lampranthus or sempervivum

Nice piece of stone

Eric and Ernie, Guardians of the deck

Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman. For those of you that don’t know who Marty Feldman is, look him up on Google images and you can see why this chap is named after him – check out the eyes! He is the guardian of the sensory garden

My amonite, not a real one but one that has been sculpted out of rock

My sculptured stone pots

This is a lovely piece of rock which has carefully been chiselled to make it more interesting

These are the hammock monitors, a horny toad, a lizard and Kokapelli a mythical Arizonan Native Indian character who by all accounts is a bit of a cassanova!


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Great Collection uv got there Angie :) Most of my helpers are Animal Garden Ornaments :)

31 Mar, 2008


Love the sculptured stone. What a collection.....Hope we don't get anymore frosts. It's certainly warmer this week.

31 Mar, 2008


A fascinating collection of stone artwork, Andrea! Really lovely. How ru going to get this to the IoW, though?

31 Mar, 2008


Your collection is wonderful. I do so enjoy garden art. I especially like Marty :)

31 Mar, 2008


Well the stone work is all crafted by my father in law who has a studio in Norfolk. Jacque may know where I mean, it is one of the old whelk sheds on the quay in Wells-Next-the-Sea. He doesn't do much stone work any more but we have pillaged the good stuff

1 Apr, 2008


Oh did anyone see the documentary on Marty Feldman last night on BBC 4? What a funny looking guy, but a frustrated genius I think?

1 Apr, 2008


In answer to your question David, I have so many pots and plants to transport to the IoW that we are planning on hiring a transit to take it all down in, the statues will go in that. As we only have 1 car now, I'll drive that and Jed will drive the transit, let the removal company deal with the household stuff!!

1 Apr, 2008


Great bits of art - welcome to my neck of the woods I'm in Hampshire and grew up on the Isle of Wiggit!!

8 Apr, 2008

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