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Fighting birds


I witnessed this in my front garden yesterday. 2 female blackbirds were tearing strips off eachother whilst the male just hopped around trying to look cool and aloof!! He wasn’t worth it ladies!!!! Tatty little fellow with feathers missing, right scrag!!

It looked really violent, but I suppose when the birds are getting horny this time of year you just have to let them get on with it, reminds me of Friday or Saturday night out in Nottingham or Derby!!!!

Copy and paste this link into your web browser and it will take you to Youtube where you can watch the video

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Omg Iv never seen birds FIGHT so badly :( Hope they were`nt 2 hurt?

27 Mar, 2008


I know, i've never seen anything like this either, usually they squaek at eachother until one of them flies off, but this went on for about 30 minutes, they just kept hold of eachother and neither one would relent! I did think about splitting it up but it is natures way and I thought it was better to leave it well alone.

27 Mar, 2008


I get a lovely pair of blackbirds come2my garden, iv pics on my page,when they 1st came2my garden the Mummy blackbird would chase Daddy 1 away cos he was eating the food id put out :) how lovely their now a COUPLE lol ; )

27 Mar, 2008


I saw the same thing happening in my garden a couple of days ago too! Maybe they`re following each other round the country!

27 Mar, 2008


I had to nurse a male baltimore oriole back to health two years ago as a result of a rival attacking him so badly with his beak.When I first saw an oriole jabbing at a piece of orange on the ground I wondered where the fruit had come from, as I hadn't put any out that early; it was only as I was walking outside to have a look that I realized it was another oriole on the ground being pecked to death! I kept him in a cage in the front porch wit water and slices of orange, wrapped around by a towel with a desk lamp over it for heat.The poor thing just layed there and we didn't expect it to really survive, but it was upright the next morning and somehow hung in there.Not really knowing what to do we just kept feeding him and he luckily healed. It took three weeks before he could fly again at all, and the resident male went right after him as soon as I took him outdoors. He stayed another week in my porch until we tried again, and he was chased right out of the area. It was my first insight into how violent these birds can be when defending territory. Hopefully the poor guy found another courting spot and a new lady, LOL!

27 Mar, 2008


How Lovely of u 2 nurse it back2 health Grammazoo Fingers Crossed he found new love&home :)

27 Mar, 2008


These were females fighting not males. The male blackbird is black and he was the one not joining in.

27 Mar, 2008


Watched the video - great that you captured it like that!

27 Mar, 2008


The blackbirds I saw fighting were males! I think they were defending their territory.

27 Mar, 2008

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