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Theres always payback...!!!


This is our Kelly

At 4.30am last Friday we were awoken with the sound of what seemed liked whooping cough.

We rushed into the lounge to find Kelly coughing her heart up.

We settled her down and went back to bed only to be woken up again with the same scenario at 5.30am.

I phoned the vet at 8am when they opened and they suggested that we take straight down there to be looked at.

By 8.30am she had been examined by our lovely practice owner Tracey, who said that she feared that she had a heart problem as her heart was beating very eraticaly and the coughing was her trying to remove excess fluid from her lungs.

The advice was, that we had to keep her quiet and give her three different lots of tablets to help with the fluid draining and that she would try to arrange an emergency appointment with a heart and lungs specialist over the weekend . – kerching £££££ ?

Unfortunately she was unable to find one available at short notice so we had to wait until Monday to find out more.

We returned to the vets with Kelly on Monday morning where she was examined again and were advised that she had improved slightly but the specialist visit was still required.

An appointment was made for Tuesday morning.

Then the trouble started …. at 10 pm on the Monday evening i found that i had a message on my mobile – (which had been switched off and re-charging from massive over use during the day) – from the specialist centre stating that they required payment up front and the bill would be around £750.

Now being a sensible sort of peron i had taken out Pet insurance on Kelly back in November as i was worried about the artheritus problems that German Shepherds suffer from in later life.

I told them that i was doing it through the insurance but they still wanted either payment on the day or a letter of pre approved payment from the insurance company.

Now at 10 o’clock at night it is pretty impossible to do anything except go shopping in Tesco’s so i had to wait until 8am the next day to phone the insurance company to try to arrange everything before the 9am deadline of being at the specialist centre which was a 3/4 hour drive away.

But, bless them all, the girl from Marks and Spencers finance (pet insurance) said that i should just go to the appointment and that she would have everything sorted by the time i got there.

Guess what …. it was.

Anyway, the specialist examined Kelly and confirmed that she had a heart defect but didn’t know what it was and they they would have to do an ECG and an X-ray to obtain further information.

It was agreed that i would return at 3pm to collect Kelly.

On my return i was told that she had an extra valve growing from her heart which was probably a congenital defect which had been there all along.

An operation can be carried out to block off the extra valve which is causing the blood and oxygen to be delivered to the heart eraticaly thereby causing something like an electronic misfire which in turn causes her to collapse.

We now have to wait for a couple of weeks to see if the current medication is able to reduce the heart beat to a level where she can cope with an operation and in the meantime try to keep her quiet and hope that she doesn’t just have a heart attack.

The reason for the blogg title …… she is such a beautiful dog with a fantastic temperment and attitude especially with children that there just had to be a pay back for this.

We are keeping our fingers well and truly crossed for the next couple of weeks and hope that all goes well.

Oh yes ….. the final kerching £££££££ …. probably around £5000.

Yes …. she is worth every penny of it.

Can’t say i would spend that sort of money on the wife though…..!!!!!

I will keep you informed as to the outcome.

Some good news ….. our little robin who nested in our shed has had 3 babies. I will try to get a photo once they start lifting their heads.

And these are the scenes that greeted me when i took Kelly for a very slow walk to the woods this morning. This is literaly just outside our back gate.

I’m hoping that in a couple of more days the same area will be completely covered in a sea of blue …. watch this space

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I hope everything goes well with Kelly, she looks lovely.
You are very lucky to have that scene outside your back gate.

21 Apr, 2011


Oh poor Kelly, so sorry she is poorly and even more sorry for your pocket Tony! Lol. What a price, but as you say she is worth it, hope all will be well. For saying what you did about your wife Tony, I think you should treat her to some chocs this weekend!! Bye. Love it out at your back gate.

21 Apr, 2011


Sounds like the lovely Kelly is in good hands, isn't pet insurance the best thing, years ago, we had a cat who had been shot with a pellet gun which was bad enough, but then he had been swung by his tail which broke his back and split his spine apart about 2 bones up from the base of his tail. So needless to say, major problems, insurance covered all the treatment, and although he was never fully the same again, he was very happy and lived for another 9 years! Hopefully Kelly will be fine, and then you can all get back to normal!
The view from your gate is so 'dingley dell' it's gorgeous! Kelly's very lucky to have such a place for a quiet walk.

21 Apr, 2011


Lots of love and good luck to Kelly. Please keep us all informed. Bless her.

21 Apr, 2011


Get well soon Kelly!!
It's such a relief to know she's insured, hopefully she'll have many more active years left in her yet!

21 Apr, 2011


I hope Kelly gets well soon. Good job you took out insurance on her.

She looks like such a lovely dog.

21 Apr, 2011


How distressing all that must have been for you :( I hope Kelly will be all right.

22 Apr, 2011


I hope Kelly will be feeling better soon .... she is a lovely dog...
Looks likes you live in a lovely peaceful place...
... and good news about the robins :o)

22 Apr, 2011


What a lovely animal! Good wishes to Kelly for her recovery!

22 Apr, 2011


hope everything goes well for you all ..she's lovely...

22 Apr, 2011

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