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After Christmas Visitors


Since last year I have seen more and more smaller birds visit the garden and even perching on the trees bordering my property. The biggest problem is just having the one camera pointing in one direction. You might see a little coal tit grab a bit of suet coated nut and quick as a flash my watch dog Robin darts in on guard duty. I have noticed it sometimes plays have ago hero at the great tits but these are getting braver or hungrier as they have started holding their ground.
My marks of 10/10 for bravery for their ratio to size is a triple dead heat. The Wren who visits appears to be scared of no one fluffing her little feathers to appear larger or keep warmer, even giving me time to get the camera. Robin Redbreast is still a great champion but today I actually saw a collared dove dive at and strike a Magpie on the back… In this small blog I have added just a few shots of the birds that I have managed to catch on camera from the kitchen window.

I received this basic feeder and seed as a Christmas Prezzie from my two youngest grandchildren Rhys 6 years and Brooke 34 months. Within minutes of me hanging the feeder on a shrub I had taken this photo. So happy that the grandchildren are showing an interest in wildlife

Great tit on my nuts-seed and suet block pun not intended

RR on Guard Duty This is a rolled porridge oat-seed and lard fat slab, I placed it near a perch especially for the Robin (Thank you Jane

Head on shot of a pied wagtail

Side view shot of the same pied wagtail

Something spooked her as she suddenly crouched down as I was focusing

Must be a lack of deodorant for Christmas

Little Wren puffs her self up like a puffer fish to look bigger but must be related to my Tommyshortleg’s family

This little Blue tit has not sussed out yet how to get a meal

Dunno what all the flap is with these pigeons and if this is courtship I think they’ll be to knackered by the time they come to make little eggs

Whilst all this commotion has been going on, last years Blackbird has called back sporting a bit of colour in his beak. He does look healthy though taking an immediate dislike to RR our watchdog Robin

I did have bad headaches when I published my “Pink Sky” blog. My left leg now feels like a lump of lead and left arm not so strong . My doctor has asked if Wycombe Stroke Clinic will take a look at me. Have been like this before so hopefully the condition will soon pass. I’d hate to be blogging you all from a hospital bed. Last time I had a short vacation there the web connection was not so good and very expensive.
Best wishes to you all,

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Good to see all those birds in your garden, Tommy. It's a delight watching them, isn't it, and great to hear the grandchildren are taking an interest. Start them young, I say. My one talks about 'granny's birds', as if they were mine.

I wish I could get good photos here, but the feeders are too far away from the windows and there is no way to disguise any approach. And the cat doesn't help!

Your wren is a very bold little thing compared to mine and I'm surprised the blue tit is taking a while to work out the new feeder. They are usually the first ones to suss out anything new. Maybe it's a youngster, but I bet it won't take it very long.

Hope you feel better soon, Tommy.

12 Jan, 2012


Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good just now,Tommy,and hope you improve soon.Another lovely blog and have managed to get some great shots there.I also am too far from our feeders,to take many from the window,as they see me coming too...Thanks for sharing :o)

12 Jan, 2012


I have the same problem, Tommy - never quick enough to snap them - or don't have my camera when there's a great shot waiting to happen! You have some lovely pics there...

Hope that you are on the mend soon.

12 Jan, 2012


Those are lovely photos Tommy.
I hope you feel better soon.

12 Jan, 2012


Some excellent shots there Tommy.
Hope you get yourself sorted out and soon feel better. X

12 Jan, 2012


Fantastic blog Tommy - I do hope you are OK though.

13 Jan, 2012


Hello Tom..That pic of the Blackbird is juicey.

13 Jan, 2012


i`m working my way backwards Tommy, this is another smashing blog with some really lovely pics, you have some great shots of the birds, you look after them well, I`m not sure whether you already know, the Rspb Big Birdwatch takes place on the 28/29th Jan, with all your visitors it will be probably something you might like to participate in..

16 Jan, 2012


We also have a Wren visiting the bird feeders ... wonderful little bird but soooo noisy! ... Robins, Bluetits and Great tits at the moment ... a delight to watch them land on the feeders, if only for a second, then off to eat up in the trees ... :o) I hope you are feeling better now . . . . .

22 Jan, 2012

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