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Pink Sky In The Morning- Shepherd's Warning


Was this a forewarning of what was to come that night.

First day back to school after the Christmas/New Year Break.
What a beautiful looking sky but the head ache I had was unbearable.

The two youngest grandchildren had just been dropped off by their father. My wife takes care of the children enabling their mum and dad to work. This-the only way they can afford a mortgage. I took a look outside and just had to take these pictures.

Downstairs I could hear my wife telling the children to take a look through the window at the sky.

The trees appeared to be etched onto a pink canvas. One can copy but never beat nature’s colours.

Even the rooks and jackdaws flying over low, must be heading for eggs, bacon, black pudding, bubble, tomatoes, fried sliced, bread and butter all washed down with a mug of tea, all for free on the nearest landfill site.

14.10 hrs in the afternoon and more birds going by, strange as they are heading in the direction that the bad weathers due to come from. My headache a lot worse so low pressure must be deepening.

Even our helicopter boys heading the same way a few minutes later.

That evening after the grandchildren had gone home the winds started to strengthen and to be honest I went to bed.
I did wake a few times during the night with my son shouting about the neighbours fence popping out or the odd car alarms going off. I did venture out the next day to check on my bird feeders and did have a look at the plants. I was surprise on how forward the buds were on my Camellia.

How they stay put with all that wind we had.

Then today an old mate “Woody” returns for some food and a preen on his favourite perch in the sycamore tree.

Late evening I hear the song of a male Chaffinch. I could just make him out in the fading light. His male colouring showing much clearer with the naked eye than through the lens of my camera. ( I will one day get the settings correct) He was a bit higher up the ladder than our “Woody”.

Only a small blog but I hope that it was of interest to you the reader, thank you.

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That sky is fantastic, it's very strange how certain weather gives you a headache, thundery weather makes my headache.
I don't think we got that beautiful sky but I'm at work during that time so maybe I missed it?

7 Jan, 2012


Those sky pictures are just beautiful, Tommy. We didn't get anything so spectacular here, but we certainly got othe winds! No damage in the garden - so lucky compared to others.

7 Jan, 2012


Just beautiful tommy, we were lucky this time missed most of the wind. The camelia look great so many buds. Glad you are ok.

7 Jan, 2012


Such lovely pctures of the sky. Sorry to hear you had a terrible headache.

7 Jan, 2012


Lovely blog - and that sky!!! beautiful. Hope the headaches better now.

7 Jan, 2012


Thank you all, headache (the wife's excuse) gone and so very mild now. Just been to the wheelie bin and saw a queen wasp searching the cobwebs under the garage eves.

7 Jan, 2012


Never seen a sky that colour - what a good thing you had yur camera handy. Hope your headache is better now.

7 Jan, 2012


What brilliant photographs Tommy.

7 Jan, 2012

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