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Manchester Dogs' Home


The arson incident yesterday, and suffering of dogs in the fire is absolutely devastating …

… but well done to those who did so much in rescuing many dogs at risk, and in caring for the injured

Comforting news from this link

just giving ~ Manchester Evening News

The total has reached nearly £1,500,000

The above internet site was closed for a while but now seems open again ..

… but this is another one which can be reached Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Homes

The home was established in 1893 to help the stray and unwanted dogs roaming the streets of Manchester. Later covering parts of Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, and caring for over 7000 dogs each year.


Many decades ago, in the UK, animal rescue centres began to be established for cats and dogs and other creatures. One example is Dogs Trust (originally named The National Canine Defence League).

At first, the rescued animals were strays, who had been roaming the streets, searching for food. But over the years, the role of the animal sanctuaries has changed and rehoming is done wherever suitable

Nowadays, dogs and cats in rescue centres are often there through no fault of their own, perhaps because their owners had to move to small premises where animals are not permitted, or maybe the pet’s owner died or became ill. So, even with micro-chipping, there will still be animals needing new homes.

Most of the dogs which died in the Manchester fire were those in a rehoming block. These dogs would have been reserved by families who were waiting eagerly for when they could collect their new dogs. The families would have visited the dogs many times, getting to know them, and to allow the centre workers to be sure a good match had been made.

Probably the home-checks would be taking place, and then this week, those dogs would have gone to their new homes for a happy future life. So those families will be mourning … people in need .. who will be comforted by knowing that donations are pouring in to build new kennels for other dogs in need.

The Centre Manager has asked for strong toys to help settled those dogs stressed from experiencing the fire.
I’m sending a Kong Toy, because she suggested these would be ideal for giving the dogs interest, and restoring their confidence.


Let’s hope the Dogs’ Home can rebuild and replace, to continue its wonderful work, and to help many more homeless dogs in the future.

There are lots of good, kind generous people out there.


Poem from one of the dog groups to which I belong ..

60 little candles
burned in church today,
for 60 little souls
who in the kennels did lay.

60 precious canines
who died there all alone,
who never had a Master
who were waiting for a home.

60 Little souls
over The Bridge did come
carried by a fleet of angels
each and every one.

60 lives were wasted
that dark September night,
when a disturbed teenager
set the kennels alight.

60 candles burning
with flames of orange and blue,
with a promise sent
so high above….
that we will not forget you.
God bless you all R.I.P. xxxxxx

copyright by June Burden xxx


Toy I’m sending to the traumatised dogs staying temporarily at the Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

The Dogs’ Home manager has requested strong toys such as Kongs, to help the dogs to recover. xxx

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saw it on the news tonight. such a sad event. but at least they have some one in custody.

12 Sep, 2014


Arson ? ! :O
I had not heard about that. Who would do such a thing .... it's unbelievable :o((((

WELL DONE to the people who helped ... I hope the surviving dogs will be all right now. It must have been frightening for them.

I hope they catch whoever it was. They are worse than scum. It makes me so angry. They can not be called humans.

Thank you for posting this blog TT.

12 Sep, 2014


Apparently a male teenager is in custody.

Today I've been watching the donation total head up and beyond £1,000,000 ...

... hopefully some good can come out of the bad ...

12 Sep, 2014


Hi Tt, yes it is very disturbing that a 15 year old should be capable of doing this, on the north west news, they said that at least 43 dogs had been killed, possibly more, but money is pouring in at the rate of two thousand pounds a minute, and reached a million pounds by 6 o clock, plus several tons of dog food, so as far as I can see manchester dogs home have never had it so good, at 6 o clock they had enough money to keep it going for 10 months, and that is not counting the tons of food they won't need to buy, and it was only about a third of the kennels destroyed, and presumably they will be insured, so all in all, not that bad a day really.
It really amazes me how quickly money gets donated if animals, especially dogs, are involved in something like this, a few years ago, our local supermarket put 2 large containers out in the store, 1 was collecting donated food for a disaster, { I forget where it was, but somewhere in uk } it took 4 days to fill this container, the other 1 was collecting food donations for an animal shelter, this 1 had tobe emptied twice a day, as far as I'm concerned, a lot of people have got their priorities wrong, Derek.

12 Sep, 2014


Your comment disgusts me Derek :(

12 Sep, 2014


I've given a like for the poem and the generosity of the many who have given time as well as money Terra, like many I was shocked to discover it was an arson attack, its very disturbing to discover it was a young lad responsible and I'm pleased they have him in custody...

12 Sep, 2014


So sad TT those poor animals, how anyone could be so cruel to helpless animals is beyond me thank goodness there were kind people prepared to help to save even more suffering.

12 Sep, 2014


I believe the law is changing and all dogs will have to be micro chipped by April 2016. I hope that will help stop the never ending supply of dogs which end up in rescue centres.

12 Sep, 2014


What has happened, there, Terra?

13 Sep, 2014


Scotsgran@I am surprised, that micro chips are not mandatory in the UK...? Here it is absolutely mandatory for all dogs, even those at rescue centers. I thought this is valid in all EU countries. In Slovakia it is mandatory from the last year. If a dog doesn t have chip, his owner can pay a quite high fee.

13 Sep, 2014


Wish they were Kat,I think dogs and their owners should be registered and licenced, rather like the passport system for horses, if you can't afford or don't want to pay the modest fee then you don't keep the animal full stop.

as to the tragedy of Manchester, there are awful things happening these days, little children and animals , the innocents......

13 Sep, 2014


Hi Katarina ..
There's lots of info. on this link ..
are you able to reach it ?

I'm going out now, but will add a longer comment later.

13 Sep, 2014


I was horrified when I first saw this on the news and couldn't believe someone would do such a thing. Later as it emerged a 15 year old boy had been arrested and later released on bail, my thoughts went to his family, how they must be feeling to have such a disturbed child. It's not an excuse, I know and I was moved to tears when pictures were shown on last nights news of the some of the surviving dogs, many of whom had to be sedated due to stress. Now the kindness of Joe Public once again has stepped up to help. I'm sorry Derek, I think you're wrong. People don't have their priorities wrong. Animals are often made to suffer due to the way humans treat them..far too much could be said about this, but I don't want to set the ball rolling. Suffice to say, this tragedy has brought out the best in people and your poem TT has once more reduced me to tears. Now lets hope this sad affair has a happy ending.

13 Sep, 2014


I was horrified, saddened and disgusted beyond words,when I saw on the news what had happened.

The news says that the teenager has been bailed pending further enquiries.

The total last time I checked there were about 60 dead, and the death toll is expected to rise.

I have great admiration fr those who helped get the 150 dogs out and have donated food, blankets and money.

Derek, I find your comment disgusting.

13 Sep, 2014


It was awful. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it on the news thinking of those poor dogs. The lovely poem you included in your blog has also brought tears to my eyes, but what a lovely poem!

It was great though to see how the local community all came out to help and that all that money has been raised so far already. There's also a petition on facebook for DIY SOS to go in and do their thing!

What's happened to the dogs that have survived? Where are they staying?

13 Sep, 2014


Hi, for those who find my comment "disgusting", I make no apology for making it.
It is very sad that so many dogs were killed, but what I find "disgusting" is that a young boy should do this intentionally, and also the speed and the amount of money, food, blankets etc, were given.
I can understand that people would be shocked, even sickened by events, and feel that they had to donate these things, it's just a pity that these sentiments aren't as quickly responded to when human's are involved, Derek.

13 Sep, 2014


Hi Lijemc .. Thank you ..

Just answering your question ...
the dogs rescued from the fire are staying temporarily at the Home's other premises called Cheshire Dogs' Home.

But the plan is for these dogs to go into approved temporary foster homes to relieve the accommodation situation.

13 Sep, 2014


Derek, surely you can realise the boy responsible for this awful act is obviously disturbed. As for the speed of the response made by so many people, surely that shows just how generous people can be. I think you'll find people are well known to respond equally as quickly to human disasters. The Indian Ocean Tsunami raised over £392 million from Britain alone. Similarly the Haiti earthquake raised £107 million. I think these example speak for themselves.

13 Sep, 2014


Hi Waddy, yes I agree, he is obviously disturbed, and I agree that a lot of money was raised for the tsunami, and earthquake, but the length of time that the money was being raised, went on for months, and as I said in my comment, the boxes inthe supermarket were emptied twice a day for the animal food, while the food donations for humans took 4 days to get filled for the first time, both boxes were the same size, I thought that was disgusting, Derek.

13 Sep, 2014


Could I ask why they were collecting food donations for humans?

13 Sep, 2014


Hi Waddy, I can't remember exactly what it was for, but I do remember that it was in the uk, my wife and I even commented on the difference to the checkout operator, and it was this lady that told us how many times the animal 1 had been emptied, compared to the other 1, Derek.

13 Sep, 2014


Derek this is quoted from your comment :-

"money is pouring in at the rate of two thousand pounds a minute, and reached a million pounds by 6 o clock, plus several tons of dog food, so as far as I can see manchester dogs home have never had it so good, at 6 o clock they had enough money to keep it going for 10 months, and that is not counting the tons of food they won't need to buy, and it was only about a third of the kennels destroyed, and presumably they will be insured, so all in all, not that bad a day really."

Never mind the speed at which the money came in etc etc.
What you are 'actually' saying is, that it's a good job those dogs died, because it has saved them lots of money and they can also claim insurance for it ...

Your words are down right EVIL ! :(((

13 Sep, 2014


Hywell, I said nothing of the sort, what I said was that they had never had that sort of money, and that the buildings would be insured, of course it is a shame that so many dogs died, but they are still in business, and I think that all the fuss isbecause they were animals, if you think that makes me evil I feel sorry for you, Derek.

13 Sep, 2014


I quoted exactly what you said, you wrote it yourself. Among other things, you said they've "never had it so good".

After what has happened, that is evil, and if you don't think so, I am sorry for YOU.

13 Sep, 2014


Please, please can we all cool down?

Derek, I think what you have to bare in mind is that people won't give quite so much to collections for food banks etc as they feel it is a government problem which has caused the need for such help. Also, there are lots of help for people in need in this country, such as emergency funds, social services, together with supermarkets donating surplus food to special 'shops,' as well as food banks. Animals can only depend on us to help them otherwise we wouldn't need such organisations as the RSPCA to name just one. We also have to remember that a lot of the suffering that animals have to endure is caused by humans whether it is deliberate or not.
If you watch BBC one tonight you'll see people don't forget the humans who need help and often reach deep into their pockets or give their time.

13 Sep, 2014


People, I do not understand why you are quarreling, if in fact all of you have good ideas and intentions - to help people and/or to help dogs.
I found it fantastic, when people mobilise to such extent to help those in need. I think problem with maybe less efficient helping to people then to animals has to do with a lot of legislation and different permits - national and international, I know it as a doctor.
This was a wonderful rising of a good will and I can tell you, nothing like that would happen here.

13 Sep, 2014


I am calm. I just said what I think should be pointed out, ... that's all.

13 Sep, 2014


Katarina if pet owners wish to take their dogs to Mainland Europe then the dogs need a doggie passport with proof that they are micro chipped. We are lucky that being an island we have not had the rabies problems that were rife in Europe. I think the legislation was passed to make people aware of their responsibility for their dogs. Here there is a big problem of dog mess on our streets and in other public places. There are a minority of owners who think it is acceptable to open their front door and let their dog out to take itself for a walk. When these dogs are picked up by dog wardens efforts are made to find the owner. It is hoped if they are chipped it will be easier and more cost effective. Some of the dogs in rescue centres are there because their owners have died, their owners can no longer care for them or perhaps cannot afford to look after them properly as well as the ones which have been found with no ID on their collar, if they have a collar.

13 Sep, 2014


I know you are Hywel. No criticism I assure you.

13 Sep, 2014


Katarina, you are right ... we are lucky in the UK that people give so generously. Every winter, for many years, there has been a BBC TV appeal called Children In Need, when millions of £ are raised for children in Britain and overseas.

The total for Manchester Dogs' Home is now £1,350,020.78 and rising all the time.

I'm glad that Hywel, Lincslass, Waddy and just about everyone will be delighted that more money is coming in to help such a good cause.

I've added several paragraphs to my blog above (between the dotted lines) explaining how the role of animal shelters has changed over the years.

14 Sep, 2014


The benefit system in this country is there to stop this money is used by the recipients is usually up to them.
they have a choice.......

animals don't.......

14 Sep, 2014


Good point there, Pam !

I've now updated my blog above with extra paragraphs.

14 Sep, 2014


Thanks Terra x

14 Sep, 2014


Was so saddened to hear about this, first heard about it on the radio.... and so nice to see so many people rally round to help.. goes to show what a lot of dog lovers there are....

14 Sep, 2014


Hi Holly ..
Yes ... the arson attack was very shocking, but, as you say, nice to see so many people rallying to help ..

I'm sending a Kong toy to the Dogs' Home because the manager said the tough toys are good for soothing the dogs which were most traumatised by the fire.

14 Sep, 2014


Pamg; That's a nutshell.

14 Sep, 2014


It is Waddy isn't it, we have all seen it, cheapest food for the children and , well you know what I mean I'm sure.........

14 Sep, 2014


they must pay for what they have done, its heartbreaking :-(((

14 Sep, 2014


Hi Junna
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. xx

I am currently wrapping up a strong toy to send, as requested by the Manchester Dogs' Home manager... she said the traumatised dogs which have survived need toys to help them recover from the stress. xxx

14 Sep, 2014


Yes,they need to pamper especially now they feel so hard , they know , they have a feelings, very sorry for them and I
really hate the responsible...
I know how you feel Terra

14 Sep, 2014


Thanks Junna ..
I'm adding a photo to this blog of the package I'm sending to the Cheshire Dogs' Home where the dogs which survived are staying temporarily.

It is a toy .... let's hope it helps. xxx

14 Sep, 2014


i am sure it will help a lot..
to give them joy and relieve for the trauma, Terra..
I am going to light a candle for them..
Rio, is very sad she said , that this man do not have a heart,and he must sentenced just like how he did..
Is he already in prison?

14 Sep, 2014


and now Rio is giving lots lots of hugs to Colby, Polly and to Lucky cat...

14 Sep, 2014


and we both said,
Terra is very special,loving and kindhearted we will never forget you as long as we live , your always in our

14 Sep, 2014


Thank you Junna and Rio ...
The support for the Manchester Dogs' Home from so many people has been heart-warming ...

... yes ,please, light a candle and say a prayer for those dogs which didn't survive and for those which are traumatised. xxx

14 Sep, 2014


I will Terra, that's the only way i can show my love for them ,xxx

14 Sep, 2014


Thats so kind Terra xxx

14 Sep, 2014


Thanks Pam. xxx

14 Sep, 2014


The dogs home was very popular within the Harpurhey area. The market is always busy and petty crime is monitored by a police presence. Everyone was shocked & stunned really. OK there is some poverty but that was no excuse really. Before we got our dog we looked 6 yrs ago. Everything was done with the dogs in mind. On the day they were all big & bigger dogs & we were looking for a small n'.

15 Sep, 2014


Hi Bill
Thanks for visiting the blog ..

I agree that at dogs' homes it does seem to be that the smaller dogs are the first to find new homes, and bigger ones have to wait a lot longer for a new family to adopt them.

Also, it is a fact that black dogs are much harder to rehome. Some rescue establishments have kennels devoted entirely to black coated dogs in the hopes that they can highlight their needs.

15 Sep, 2014


Have only just heard about this dreadful event by reading your blog TT. Have been in France all last week. I'm glad there are so many tender hearted people who respond to tragedies so generously & as someone has already said, they respond to human tragedies too. Now I'm going to catch up on the story on line.

16 Sep, 2014


Hello Feverfew .
I hope your visit to France went well.
Feelings about the arson attack are still very strong.

This morning I posted a Kong toy to Warrington, for the traumatised dogs. I told the post-lady in the Post Office what it was I was sending in the package, and it was obvious she was very emotional about the fire tragedy, along with so many other people in the UK and around the world.

Donations are still coming in all the time to the Just Giving page. There are some wonderful comments on there including from people who can afford only a few £, but want to do something to help.

16 Sep, 2014


HI TT. Another evil deed in Warrington, was my home town!!I have a vague recall that the lad in question, who is ALLEGED to have set fire to the dog's home, is said to have been attacked by a dog but this no excuse for such a dreadful crime. Warrington is also the scene of another awful crime of the murder of a man in his bare feet, terminally ill with cancer of the pancreas. He dashed out to remonstrate with some youths damaging a family car. He was knocked to the ground and kicked in the head. Same town, 2 sickening crimes. My brother lives just off Knutsford road and my cousin lived about a mile off the murder. I know which crime upsets me the most. I love that doggie in the advert with the scruffy coat and the floppy ears, but I get more upset thinking about that poor man and his friends and family.

17 Sep, 2014


Both upset me, these horrible people with no regard or respect for life....of man or beast.

17 Sep, 2014


TT I`m very glad you highlighted this awful crime! as my friends on this site will know I havn`t been on since my lovely wife sadly died ( Nov 2012 ) but, I am moved to write on this occasion for two reasons. One I wish to register my strong disagreement with Derek, and of course we all know that in this country every person is covered in some way by the welfare state, and dogs and other animals are reliant on us humans who care enough to send what we can. The other reason is this, after loosing my wife I was very down and lonely, and I rehomed a dog, now we have become so close he realy is my best friend! I like to think it works both ways, but my point is he is now a proud and smart dog but when he was in the dogs home he was pretty low. So how anyone could stoop so low as to kill these poor dogs in agony just when they had a chance beats me.
Sorry for rambling.

15 Oct, 2014


Hi Pete,
Only recently I was looking at your lovely GoY photo of yourself with Nobby, the blue merle Border Collie. You look so happy together.

I'm very pleased that the two of you have helped each other so much since the sad time for you when your wife died.

Yes, those Manchester dogs were in the rehoming section, where they would have already had several meetings with their prospective owners, and were probably just awaiting home checks before being adopted the next day. Very much a sad time for everyone.

You haven't rambled at all... I appreciate your comments. Many thanks.

15 Oct, 2014


Thanks TT
I glad you remembered Nobby I`ve given him a promotion and he`s now Knobby.
Seriously, I`m glad you knew what I meant about the dogs about to get their chance, I thought I may have been a bit obscure.

15 Oct, 2014


Hi, Pete. Was glad to hear that you gave a home to a dog. He sounds lovely. Animals are such great companions, no more empty house to come home to. I wouldn't be without my cat, tho' she does seem to sleep an awful lot! Dogs make you get out & walk. I walk a 17year old collie for an old couple who have health problems & so can't manage so well these days. Teemed up with them via The Cinnamon
Trust who find dog walkers & carers where necessary for people & pets in need.

16 Oct, 2014

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