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Evening TELEVISION ...


BBC2 looks good tonight and tomorrow

… final two evenings of the garden shows …

regions may vary

This evening Monday 13 January …

6.30 pm … Great British Railway Journeys

7.00 pm … Great British Garden Revival
Toby Buckland … Fruit Trees
Christine Walkden … Ornamental Bedding

8.00 pm … University Challenge

8.30 pm … Great Sport Relief Bake Off

my garden in spring time

Tomorrow evening Tuesday 14 January …

6.30 pm … Great British Railway Journeys

7.00 pm … Great British Garden Revival
Chris Beardshaw .. Herbaceous Borders
Alys Fowler … Kitchen Gardens

8.00 pm … Great Sport Relief Bake Off

… and on the subject of television ..

a long shot …
… but does anyone have in their cupboard …
video cassettes of ..
To the Manor Born and/or The Vicar of Dibley
that they wish to sell please ?

Happy viewing …
if I notice any more upcoming gardening shows I’ll try to make a blog to let everyone know
I hope these TV blogs are useful as reminders

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Thanks TT.... love the Great British Garden Revival...
have you tried charity shops for the videos you want...I know round here they take a lot of them as people have dvds now....

13 Jan, 2014


Hi Holly ...
That's a good idea .. when I'm in charity shops I'm always looking for toys which my dogs enjoy for their tricks routines ... I'll have to remember to check out the shelves of videos too ...

13 Jan, 2014


Good Morning TT :o) Thanks for the reminder. I am looking forward to these two gardening programmes. I enjoy the railway journeys too ... Beryl will have to watch Emmerdale farm on the later chanel lol ... but she always sais she preffers a gardening program to that trash anyway ...

13 Jan, 2014


Lol I get kayleigh soft toys from them as well. Definitely worth having a look, we have one in Bognor with loads of videos to buy in...:))

13 Jan, 2014


Good morning Hywel ..
Is Wales one of the regions where the timings are different ?
I've never watched any of the soaps ...
I'm not into cooking either ... prefer gardening ..
but the Bake Off shows are interesting, and Jo Brand is presenting one of them ... so should be amusing :o)

13 Jan, 2014


Can't cope with Jo Brand :o(((((((
nor cooking ! lol

13 Jan, 2014


Sometimes we get a different schedule to Engand, because we have our own programmes as well, which are not shown the other side of Offa's Dyke. But these tonight are at the same time I think.

13 Jan, 2014


Hi Terra I love your garden so much colour i bet the smell is heavenly :0)

13 Jan, 2014


Thanks Sue ... springtime is the most colourful season in my gardens ... :o)

13 Jan, 2014


Christine Walkden i will watch that Terratoonie for sure :-)

thanku for reminders. :-))

13 Jan, 2014


Hi Jane ...
Thanks. This garden series has certainly included a wide variety of topics and lots of different presenters !

13 Jan, 2014


yes so true something for everyone like on here really :-)))

lots and lots of GoY members with their differences!!! hehe

13 Jan, 2014


ps my sheds just come :-)

13 Jan, 2014


Lovely picture of your spring garden Terra and thank you for the programme information. I'll definitely watch Chris Beardshaw tomorrow on herbaceous borders. I enjoy the Great British Railway Journeys too.

13 Jan, 2014


Thanks Terra. I will be watching The Great British Garden Revival pen in hand. I have taken lots of notes for things to do in my garden. :0)

13 Jan, 2014


Hi Jaykaty and Linda ..
yes it has been a fascinating series ..
plenty of different topics !

13 Jan, 2014


Doing you bit for the Beeb there , Tt .
Love the pic .
Thanks for the info .

13 Jan, 2014


I wish the BBC would repeat To the Manor Born (22 episodes) and The Vicar of Dibley !

13 Jan, 2014


thanks TT. I've really enjoyed the great british garden revival and I wouldn't have known it was on if you hadn't let us know, so I for one would be grateful for further notifications.

I would love to help with regards to the manor born and the vicar of dibley (both great programmes) but unfortunately I never recorded them. Every now and then I see a repeat of vicar of dibley, but I think it's just when the bbc want to fill a spare half hour or so. the most recent one I watched was when the vicar had to eat 4 Christmas dinners!

13 Jan, 2014


Thanks for the reminders TT all on record for me to watch as and when, sorry I don't have either video sets for you - both great series though. Your spring garden photo is a delightful reminder of the coming season :o)

13 Jan, 2014


Is Wales one of the regions where the timings are different? lol @TT You make it sound as if Wales is in a different time zone :-)

I switched to the Yesterday Channel after the Great British Garden Revivial. (South) Coast, and then Who Do You Think You Are?

13 Jan, 2014


I have seen most of the garden programmes and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I like the man who presented the one with the tropical plants but am not sure of his name.
I shall look out for the videos you mentioned when I next go to the Pannier Market in Barnstaple as they have lots!

13 Jan, 2014


I brought Jo Brand's autobiography home from the library to read over Christmas. It spoilt my Christmas.
I see she is now in pantomime. Very sorry for her parents.

Fortunately I had Bear Gryll's 'Facing up' account of his
Everest adventure on my bookshelves, so soon forgot her.

14 Jan, 2014


Also - over recent years I have been told by 3 seperate opticians that they would not have a T/V in the house.
They know the damage constant viewing does to eyesight.
So I devised a new system to control my viewing.
I go into
Click on TV on the menu bar at the top.
This brings up the 4 channels.
Then I click on One, and on the 'Full programme Schedule' on the bottom right hand side.
This brings up the full list for Channel one.
I then select which programmes I want to watch - which
arnt many, and write them down on a quarter A4 page.
Do the same again for Channel Two, Three and Four.
Switch off.
I find this gives me 4 programmes a day with a dip
into Prime Minister's Questions for half an hour at noon,
then over to Bargain Hunt for Tim Wonnacotf's stately home visit and the auction.
Remembering the time of the programme on my schedule exercises my memory, which is good.
On the whole I prefer this system, well worth trying,
it provides a gap between programmes to rest the eyes.

14 Jan, 2014


Hi Jijemc, Neena and Chris ..
Recently when I was sorting out my old video tapes, I found just a couple of Manor Born and Dibley episodes ...
... played them and found them so funny, that I wished I'd recorded them all ! Hence the request for more ! I have the Dibley episode where there is a church service for all the pets and farm animals ... wonderful ... :o)))

Thanks, Chris for offering to look for videos in Barnstaple.
Very much appreciated ... xx

Hi Andrew ...
Sometimes it seems like Hywel in Wales is not just in a different time zone, but on a different planet ..
... Lol. All that wonderful Welsh scenery ...

yes.. there are some good freeview TV shows around ..
e.g. on the Yesterday channel, and also Time Teams on More 4.

I think one of the most moving and remarkable episodes of Who Do You Think You Are, is the show featuring Jeremy Paxman ... he goes from appearing so nonchalant at the start, to being so visibly distraught, pacing out the very small room where his ancestors were living, all crammed in together.

Hi Diane ... you are lucky that your eyes are strong enough to still be able to read books .. I never watch TV non-stop... I'm always multi-tasking, doing other things at the same time !

14 Jan, 2014


I AM on a different planet ... I like it that way :o)

14 Jan, 2014


What did the astronaut say when arriving on a distant planet inhabited only by a tribe of very tall beautiful women ... all over 20ft tall ?

'Take me to your ladder ... I see your leader later' ;o)

14 Jan, 2014


Lols TT xx

14 Jan, 2014


Lol. Annie ... that's my best joke ...
actually it's my only joke .. ;o) xx

14 Jan, 2014


I keep missing the tv until 8.00!
According to the local paper this thursdays railway journey is to Leicester and all about king richard in the car park....
wasn't it a close Uni challenge, I saw the paxman who do you think, as you say by the end he was in tears......

the bakeoff was funny too, do you think it was staged or he really grilled the biscuits?

14 Jan, 2014


Hi Pam ..
Don't worry .. I'm sure those garden shows will be repeated. Yes it was a good University Challenge ..

On Thursday's railway programme, Michael travels from Leicester to Loughborough ... and finds out about King Richard III.

Yes... I do find the Bake Offs amusing .. Johnny Vaughan really did seem to use the grill instead of the oven setting, by mistake ... Lol... There were some interesting ideas for cakes decorated as famous sports venues ...

14 Jan, 2014


I thought Bonnie was very competent, do they have a final bakeoff I wonder?

14 Jan, 2014


Hi , Tt , I love your little joke , just right !
Please carry on with your details of up-coming programmes .
I often miss things that I would really like .
Have PM'd you.

14 Jan, 2014


Hi Driad .... thanks for letting me know that the TV blogs are useful ... and that you like my joke !

14 Jan, 2014


Thanks for your TV Gardening Guides, TT! :-)) I have now seen all the programmes & I really enjoyed them all! Got me to thinking on occasions about how I could do something along the lines they suggest at times!

Tonight's episode with Alys was very interesting! I like how she says she thinks with her stomach!!! LOL! :-)) She has changed quite a bit since I last saw her. Become more of a woman compared to the young girl.

I just wish they'd put more captions with plant names in a lot of the programmes. I think tonight's programme had more plant names than any other during this series!

I'd give the BBC a 10 for this series of gardening programmes! They really excelled at them! :-))

Oh, please continue with the TV listings of gardening programmes, TT

14 Jan, 2014


I enjoyed the bakeoff there a theme going here with hapless males?
tonights may correct that looking at the trailer.....

15 Jan, 2014


Hi Balcony ..
Yes.. more captions with plant names would have been helpful. The other request from me would be less intrusive music... the presenters are interesting ... they don't need to be competing with an orchestra or piano most of the time.

I'll certainly make more blogs of any significant garden theme TV shows.. glad they are helpful.

Hello Pam ..
Yes, I enjoyed the Bake Off too ... an interesting group of contestants for this evening's show.

15 Jan, 2014


Stunning photos of your garden, lots of hard work gone into that.
If you have Virgin Media or Sky and can receive the Gold channel, looking at the schedules, To the Manor Born and the Vicar of Dibley are repeated constantly on there, sometimes both in the same day.
Would you mind if I added another programme to the interesting to watch list? Island Parish which starts another series on Friday 17th. January, it is about life on Sark in the Channel Islands (as you know my Daughter lives there), and is a fascinating look at a whole different lifestyle. Runs for 6 weeks I think.

15 Jan, 2014


Hi Bob ..
thanks ... I have only the freeview channels ..
Maybe I could ask someone to videotape the Manor Born and Dibley shows for me ...

Yes, I thought of you and your daughter when I noticed the new series of Sark .... Island Parish. I'll look forward to those.

15 Jan, 2014


Me too, may actually visit there in the summer, or Herm, its not been decided yet........

15 Jan, 2014


Our Daughter tells us she and her husband will be in it, they were in two editions of the last series. Quite emotional.

15 Jan, 2014


I shall definitely be watching :o)

15 Jan, 2014


When I complained years ago about the constant background music I was told BBC get hundreds of complaints about it every week !
Glad they have put signing on to some of the BBC2 morning programmes. The Royal Society for the Deaf
got that done.

16 Jan, 2014


TT, Amazon Uk have a VHS video of the complete set of To The Manor Born, I don't know if that would be of any help.

17 Jan, 2014


Oh, thanks Bob...
could you send me the link by private message, please.

[All ready here to watch An Island Parish .. 8.30 pm BBC2]

17 Jan, 2014


Hi t.t .. Loved the arley hall ne as its my fav place and not far from me , i go a lot, those borders ar stuning .. Hope u all well xx happy new year.

19 Jan, 2014


Hi Cristina ..
Thanks ... Happy 2014 xxx

20 Jan, 2014


most of the charity shops have stopped selling videos now, but the red cross and the salvation army shops are still selling them

5 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your comment, Aquilegia ..
it has reminded me to put an update here ...

Useful advice you've given, about the Charity shops which still sell video tapes .. thank you ...

Dr Bob did send me the link, and that enabled me to send a cheque to a Hospice in Essex, and they mailed me the complete video set of To the Manor Born !

I've not yet found the Vicar of Dibley video tapes ... still looking !

5 Feb, 2014


More train journeys tonight , in fact , on now ! (6.30pm)

5 Feb, 2014


But no more trains at Dawlish for several weeks

5 Feb, 2014


... sadly it looks more likely to be several months ..

we'll have to watch the trains on TV instead ...

6 Feb, 2014

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