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Storm damage - what an idiot!


We had some VERY big branches (10-15 feet)come down yesterday and – magic! They were the ones I’d wanted to cut off and couldn’t reach! We spent the afternoon OH cutting them up and me burning them. There were five foot flames at one point. No wind (used it all up yesterday, lol)so no annoyance to anybody. I took some great pics to show you, and then accidentally deleted them all….

All but one branch were ash so burned really well – Ash tree dry or ash tree green Makes a fire for for queen! And the sycamore one burned too – surprising as that normally needs some months to season before it burns well.

All thats left now are the lengths of the main branches which are thick enough for house firewood. Shame to waste those on a bonfire!

I really really wanted to show you the pics, sorry!

My wallhouse was blown over too and very much worse for wear but OH thinks he can sort it when he’s got some new hinges.

So all in all we got off very lightly compared with other local places.

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Sorry to hear of your damage, shouldn't have clicked on the 'like'. A bit of light pruning!! What's a wall house? Is that a lean to? Hope OH can mend it.

17 Oct, 2017


No need to sympathise re the branches, I was very pleased.

Yes its a wooden framed lean to about 4 and a half feet high. It has three shelves, two of them removable. It faces south shaded from later afternoon. I daren't have a greenhouse here because of the wind but if this gets wrecked it isn't as serious! The annoying thing was I'd put a few plants into it to escape the coming storm, haha. They survived, luckily.
We should have fixed it to the house wall but its heavy so I thought it would be OK.

17 Oct, 2017


Goodness me, the power of that storm, lifting your whole structure and contents.

17 Oct, 2017


I can recommend my Rhino greenhouse Stera. We are in an extremely windy spot. 40 mph winds are not unusual here at all. It has never budged a millimeter. No glass damage either. It does have the protection of a 6’hedge, but even so, it is quite exposed. Glad you got nature to do your pruning! :)

17 Oct, 2017


Just looked up your profile Stera to remind me of where you live as we only had a bit of a breeze in Surrey. Well the the west coast of Wales obviously bore the brunt of it but I'm glad it blew off the branches that you wanted to get rid of anyway & your plants were ok too. Lucky!

18 Oct, 2017


I love bonfires so would have enjoyed your pictures but I can imagine it all instead.

I have an embroidery of the poem you quoted. It was stitched by my mother-in-law when she was in their little stone holiday cottage in Nantgwynant. It must be nearly sixty years old now. She gave it a pretty border of fir trees.

Glad the wind gave you a helping hand.

18 Oct, 2017


Sorry to hear about your wall house, but it's nice that the branches that fell were the ones you wanted to get rid of anyway.
All we had here in Carmarthenshire was a brisk breeze, and that didn't pick up until late afternoon.

18 Oct, 2017


I love trees but have to admit they are a worry when the wind blows. At least you have been spared a hefty wood-chopper's bill.

Sad about the lean-to but sounds as if all can be fixed.

Did you lose electricity? Aberystwyth and all around seem to have been clobbered again.

18 Oct, 2017


Maddening to lose your photos, but great that the wind chose the right branches and meant you could enjoy a blazing bonfire.

18 Oct, 2017


Thanks for looking everyone.

Thanks Karen - I love your greenhouse, but these winds were gusting to 80mph. One house lost part of its roof.
We can expect gusts of 60mph every November and I don't think there are any greenhouses in our village, unless they are out of sight behind the houses.

Wildrose how lovely to have an heirloom embroidery of the firewood poem! I'm sure you must treasure it, I know I would.

Hywel glad it had blown itself our by the time it reached you!

No Eirlys,amazingly our electricity didn't go off. I don't usually worry about the trees - what will be will be...

18 Oct, 2017


I was hoping for some branches to come off the mature beech but nothing did.
glad yours did with the trees you wanted. that is so lucky.

18 Oct, 2017


Hmmm...maybe too risky then. Although....we have had winds as strong as that.

18 Oct, 2017


Long may your greenhouse stay safe Karen! It must be heartbreaking to have one damaged.
SBG These were mostly ash - I think beech is not so brittle.
Is it a big tree? I do love beech, especially with the autumn colors. And they go so well with bluebells, sigh...

18 Oct, 2017


it is over 100 yrs old so yes it is a fully grown specimen. I don't want to lose it but a few fewer branches would let in more light.

18 Oct, 2017


How beautiful - I can imagine how much light it blocks but you can't win 'em all!

18 Oct, 2017


You were oh so lucky that the wind cooperated so well with your desires! ??

18 Oct, 2017


Glad you had a mainly positive result from the storm, Stera. We are spending the week in Craster, on the Northumberland coast, and this area escaped the worst of it. An outside store cupboard blew over, but that was about the extent of it. I think it was a bit more of a problem at home on the north west coast. We did have the eerie yellow sky here on Monday, though, the sun disappeared and the visibility out to sea was down to yards. Then by evening we had a blue sky. Fortunate!

18 Oct, 2017


Balcony we were also very lucky that the day was fine and dry and the wood happy to burn - not always so round here!

OhM I hope you don't find any damage when you get home again! We missed out on the golden sky except for a lovely gold sunset.Enjoy the rest of your week.

Looks as though we are in for another blow on Saturday so perhaps the last branch I want rid of will come down then!

19 Oct, 2017



wasnt too bad here I had a feeling it was closer to you to do damage it doesn't help that most trees are still in full leaf which act as a sail


19 Oct, 2017


You get a like for being so positive Stera, I used to love a good bonfire but haven't had one for donkey's years, its frowned upon where we live although as long as its lit between certain hours its not illegal to have one..Sorry about your wallhouse, hope hubby soon fixes it for you, be needing it soon won't you, we had all the colours imaginable and the red sun but I didn't even notice it at first, by the time I spotted it and fetched my camera the clouds had moved in, the morning was beautiful so I mowed the lawns and had a general tidy up around the garden, beavering away like a goodun, wasn't until I was putting my tools away and suddenly noticed how quiet it had become,all my friendly birds were hiding away, really weird for a couple of hours, then would you believe it just cleared away and back to blue skies with fluffy white clouds, very strange, the wind did get a bit rough but a breeze compared to some places...

19 Oct, 2017


Every time the wind gets up I hope our neighbours huge ash tree on our border will come down but it only loses a few twiggy bits so we're not as lucky as you were with yours.
Shame about your lean to & your pics but as you say could have been worse.

23 Oct, 2017


GF we have a huge ash on our border too and its leaning to avoid some large conifers next door). It would be useful if that came down but it could do a lot of damage if it fell in slightly the wrong direction...

The others normally lose something whenever its windy but nothing like this time!

Lincs thank you - I do love a good bonfire but its surprising it went so well considering how wet its been. If we don't get rid of all the prunings by the end of this month we normally have a very long wait because winter is very wet and there is a large rookery in the trees so we cant burn anything until the babies have fledged in late spring..
Most of our stuff burns well but buddleja is hopeless!
I would like to have seen the red sky.

Gg, yes, it kept mostly to the SW - glad you escaped!

23 Oct, 2017


That was a stroke of luck regarding the branches of the trees and saved you that particular job. Sorry to hear about the damage to your wallhouse though.

31 Oct, 2017


Thanks Lisam - thankfully OH has picked it up again, found some spare hinges and mended the openers and done a bit of general reinforcement. There are now several tender fuchsias in it and one begonia - still more to go...

31 Oct, 2017

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