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By shedman


Hi everybody this is Dave from the office.

In response to Hywel’s blog, where a few members are clearly having problems using the GoY Site, I had a word with the techies. This is a summary of what I was told. I don’t think it will answer all your problems but hopefully most of them.

1 Whichever device you use GoY serves up exactly the same thing. If you get problems which other most other GoY users don’t, then it is the device itself that is the likely problem.

2 If you use more than one device you may find that you have set them to use different browsers, and if you log in on one device then you are “forgotten” on the other – meaning you will have to log in again. Similarly if you log in using Chrome and then change your browser setting to Safari you will be forgotten on Chrome

3 There is a time limit of 30 days on the “remember me” function. It is reset each time you log in.

4 We have limited control on adverts, mainly on the type of advert. You cannot use the GoY site to stop the adverts, although you can sometimes choose not to see certain adverts repeated (look at the advert for “Ad Choices”). You may find ways to stop the adverts totally but we can’t help you with that.

5 You can’t load photos from an iPad

Not being a computer wizard myself I can understand the frustration people have but there are so many devices, softwares (and settings within softwares), memory issues etc that it would not be possible for our techies to solve everybody’s problems, other people make a living out of doing just that. All I can say is that if the GoY site is faulty then everybody gets the problem, and when that happens we can sort it out.

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Thanks, Dave for useful info. I have only a laptop. Lately I've had no techy problems with GoY, but I realise that other members have been frustrated by various difficulties.

5 Jan, 2016


Thankyou Dave , pleased to say that I am also accessing Goy without any problems at the moment, it is frustrating at times when for some unknown reason I and a few other members apppear as Iciar and our comments disappear into the unknown, not happened lately though.....

5 Jan, 2016


Then I don't understand why I only get problems with GoY.
Other sites I use work properly.
If my laptop was at fault, I would have problems with all the sites I look at ... but I don't.

I don't have any problems when I look at GoY on my desktop computer, and it has the same browser as the laptop ...
but I have been able to block ALL ads on it,
therefore, to me, it stands to reason that the ads are the cause of the problem.

5 Jan, 2016


Its the animated ads......

I do understand that phones and tablets are less powerful but the way of the world these days seems to be for smaller devices, many sites upgrade to be compatible maybe one day Goys techies maybe able to do that

And the ad writers able to do a better job .....
Poor software writing is the problem in my techies opinion

In the meantime I just give up for a while, the poorly written ad often goes away and Goys back to normal

Thanks for your help Dave 😊

6 Jan, 2016


Thankfully I have no problems with my laptop or my IPad on Goy, I must say Apple iPads are a very reliable piece of equipment .

6 Jan, 2016


Dave the first ad I saw this afternoon was not nice, it was advertising young women for older men.

And no way for me to flag it, as its on my private message page I am going to have go back to that page or ignore my friends pm.......

6 Jan, 2016

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