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It's my shed!!


I do like to keep the shed neat and tidy – everything has a place. The garden shed was always my domain, if it was untidy I had no one else to blame. I’m not saying I was obsessive – there were times it was a little untidy, particularly if I had a project on the go. For years no one interfered in ‘my space’. At the old house I had 2 sheds – one for me and the other was used by my son to store all the outdoor toys he collected over his childhood. As he got older he no longer used most of it and when we moved here all that was left of it was a bike. He was 17 by then, had started work and his car replaced his bike. For a while he used the old shed that was here when we moved. I purchased my self a shiny new 10ft x 10ft shed. It was huge (compared to my old one) and well served my needs.

The old shed has long gone, as had his ‘junk’. I’m not a hoarder and if something isn’t getting used, there’s no point in keeping it, is there?

Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed that more and more of his ‘stuff’ has started appearing in my shed. I’m rather ashamed to say that the lesson of being neat and tidy taught to him as a youngster has not followed him into manhood! Everything came to a head the other week! I ventured into the shed to get something and as I reached up to the shelf, a rather precariously placed set of brake discs fell on my foot. Things mightn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had my slippers on. Ouch! A few choice words and I managed to hobbled back indoors. A trip to the A&E – thankfully nothing broken but it was quite bruised and extremely sore!

I’ve since taken stock of his belongings in my shed – the largest of which was a set of Alloys and tyres for a car he no longer owns. WHY? Sub-woofers, countless tubs of floor adhesive, boxes of car parts, old tool boxes and a tow bar to name but a few. That was the last straw. He was given an ultimatum – GET RID OR I WILL!! He knows I’ll be brutal – no reason not to be – I’ve no special attachment to any of this ‘stuff’!!! He has taken on board what I’ve said and has now got rid of a few things, the remainder will be offered on e-bay and the likes.

Things are now a wee bit tidier and I can see the floor – I noticed that there is little water damage on the floor. Nothing major and easily fixed. I thought I had put last year’s flooding behind me, not yet it appears! Having given the shed a good look over and found there is nothing else wrong with it. I thought it best to raise it a bit. After much consideration – I am going to sacrifice part of the decking rather than build solid base. The cost of the base will go towards putting in a new patio nearer the house. This I feel will be better used than the deck. Everyone tells me that the deck too open and it’s often like sitting in a gold fish bowl! My plans for a new patio area are still in my head, there’s plenty of time to organise that.

The company that supplied and installed the shed will come to dismantle and re-erect the shed for a small fee (much cheaper than a new one)…..
……BUT, there’s always a but isn’t there? The shed needs emptying first!

That’s my spare time taken up over this busy time of year. Although where I’m going to store it all makes my mind boggle!

There may also be an opportunity to purchase myself a nice ‘tree’. Most of the garden is dissected with telephone lines therefore unsuitable for a proper tree. Providing I can get something narrow enough, a beautiful tree would make a welcome addition to the garden. I will get a better idea of that once the shed is gone.

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Tell me about it Scottish we've got a son who moved out ages ago but surprisingly hasn't got room for all his fishing gear and guess where it's to, Roy.

1 Dec, 2013


It's nice to know someone has a tidy shed. It must make you feel proud. I can hardly get into mine.
I'm sorry your son doesn't take after you in that respect.
My parents were both hoarders, and I'm the same. Everything has a story or memory attached to it, and I find difficulty breaking that link, ...
although car parts would never feature in my shed lol

Good luck with the new shed. It might be difficult knowing where to store the stuff from the old one, but it's only a temporary thing, and you'll have a nice tidy shed again very soon :o)
And that's more than many people will ever have lol !

1 Dec, 2013


OH has three small sentry box sheds, they are nothing to do with me!! I do rearrange them very occasionally, my job is to paint them, which I do......where we live in the south, people have an obsession with their sheds, some are as large as houses, our neighbour has three!! a total waste of gardening space! And so blooming ugly too, we have made a feature of ours, and OH tries to keep them reasonably tidy..🙌🙌

1 Dec, 2013


If you want something evergreen, Juniper ' Skyrocket' might fit the bill.

2 Dec, 2013


Lets hope you have a couple of nice dry days for the shed moving - you might get away with leaving a lot of the stuff outside. My shed would be better if OH would tidy the garage enough for me to keep the barrow in it. But it never stays tidy for long in any case. We are both hoarders and he is worse than me. Alas. But he did put the preservative on this year, bless him.

2 Dec, 2013


Roy - I'm sure I don't need 3 guesses :) Now he has moved out, I wonder how long it will take him to remember where they are.
Snoop - I like the fact that both you and Gaynor have their own 'sides' - see I would have been happy if Lee had stuck to that, but no - he trespassed!!!! I'm leaving him alone for now - I've got all the chrissie pressies stored in his room!
Hywel - car parts should never feature in my shed either!! My mum can be a bit of a hoarder - I need to wait until she's not here to through some things away. I'm getting nagged at for bringing in the!
DD2 - I do love your sentry sheds - they make a wonderful statement in your garden. How nice that your paint them for your OH :)
I'll look into that one Scotsgran - not quite decided what I want. As I said, until the shed is gone it's still a pipe dream!
Stera - it's good that you are both alike, or else that could be a bit of a!

2 Dec, 2013


Good luck with all that , Scottish .
My offspring still have "their" rooms , although they rarely ever stay . The cupboards in there are full of their "stuff".
As for garden sheds :
One used to be the outside loo and is now full of firewood , various sprays and "ungs" , plant food , and piles of empties , which are regularly removed .
The other has tools , machinery in various stages of repair ( or disrepair),bikes , cobwebs enter is to take your life in your hands !

2 Dec, 2013


Oh Scottish I'm just the same as you if its not used get rid, hate clutter, wish our eldest was the same, now I know women like shoes but Danielle's taken it to a whole new level lol, I even found two pairs the same in the shoe cupboard the other day so many that she doesn't know what she has got!!!!I sorted a huge bag for the charity shop that'd been put in a wardrobe in another room high heels that she never wears anymore after breaking her ankle a few years ago(not due to the shoes), but she wouldn't let me take them, why!!!, suppose it doesn't help that she works in New Look and gets all clothes etc half price, I might still sneak them lol she'll never know, and the bedroom well I just shut the door on that it'd give me a breakdown :-))

3 Dec, 2013


This blog has made me smile ... I always think if you haven't used it, played with it or worn it over two years then it's not worth keeping!

Our 1940's garage is too small for a modern car so we treat it as the shed, one side for me, the other for OH ... works well too ... :o)

Lol at your comments, Simbad ... been there, done that with our daughter ... thank goodness she eventually moved out ... leaving empty cupboards behind ... woohoo!

14 Dec, 2013


Lol Shirley, Danielle did move out for a few months but came back!!!, it was great seeing all that clutter going out the door, not so good seeing it come back lol.

15 Dec, 2013


Two years Shirley! Our garage has stuff in it that we must have had for at least 30 years. But if I suggest a trip to the tip you should see the reaction! I know I'm bad but OH is much worse, so yes Scottish, there is a bit of a problem. I think its a thing men inherit from their fathers - but at least OH's was tidy with it!

15 Dec, 2013

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