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The Great Escape of Mr Moley!


As many of you know I work nights – so was a wee bit miffed when I was awakened by the window cleaner’s ladders slamming of the window sill! Checking what time it was 9.50 – don’t need to get up quite yet, so I’ll just lie here til he goes away. Would he stop yapping to his grandson, who incidently doubles as his assistant – no – on and on he went.
Down the stairs I went in a bad mood. I am NOT a morning person and refuse to do absolutely anything until I have had my nicotine fix!!! Out to the back step I shuffled – slippers make you do that don’t they?
Sitting there in my pjs soaking up the sun – not really paying much attention to anything else……
Then I noticed the 3 cats, which are usually nowhere to be seen until lunchtime – jumping about like lunatics before my eyes….what are they up to? Not a mouse, I couldn’t handle that right now…I’m only half way through my cigarette!!!! Imagine my surprise when I stick my head round the corner to see this…..

This fern was actually moving up and down which was sending the cats barmy!!!!

At a rate of ever increasing knots the fern was coming out the ground – whether I liked it on not! I decided the best thing to do was to get it out of there before one of the boys crushed it altogether. The fern just lifted right out with one gentle tug……

It was from this moment I realised that I had more than a wee mouse on my hands…..Kooki of course already knew this!

Where did he go?

He’s in here….I can see him – can I get my paw down deep enough?

Further inspection of the surrounding area…..

Racking my brains, quickly log on to GOY for some quick thinking help…I had a brainwave…water – I’ll try soak him out. Luckily for me the area where this was going on was full of ferns and hostas so a good soaking wouldn’t do too much damage! As I was pouring some water down the holes I realised that the mole was moving away from it…..hose….where is the hose!!!!

As I was blasting the hose down the holes – I could see the boys, who by this time had moved because of the water were getting even more agitated…….

It’s difficult to make out from these pictures – time lapse photography doesn’t come with Iphone!!! You can see where moley was trying to break free from his water logged tunnels…..

Before my very eyes a little hole started to appear…

Up pops Moley’s little snout…..

And he’s out……

I don’t know who’s knickers were in more of a knot…mine, the cats or moley!

Moley was obviously in a panic because he was cornered, the cat’s because they couldn’t get to him or mine because I don’t think I could lived with myself had they got hold of him before my very eyes.

Although I do understand nature and how horrid it can be at times, witnessing it at times is not nice!

In a split second he was gone again, back down the tunnel from where he came…..

Still trying to keep the cats at bay and soaking behind Moley’s path he speedily made his way along the length of the path to FREEDOM!!!!

Along the path under the Primula and the Dicentra he scarpered……

He reached a large rock and was unable to burrow under so at this point he surfaced again….

He was far too quick for me to capture a shot and by this time the dog had decided to join in. Unfortunately, I had to drop the phone and concentrate on matters in hand. Keep the pets to the rear, with Moley taking up pole position out into the wide open space. That was the last I saw of Moley! I do hope that he was successful in his ‘great escape’.

If anyone had been looking on they would have had a right old laugh to themselves….considering I was still dressed in pjs and slippers!

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great blog Angie - never seen a mole - great pictures of it - sorry if it has destroyed anything though

20 Jun, 2012


Great blog Angie..I hope the ferns can be replanted with out too much damage. What a sight you must have been Lol and on little sleep. Nights are a begger to deal with sometimes really messes with your body clock.

20 Jun, 2012


oh thats brilliant scottish, i have never seen one either, he looked lovely ~ but the damage they do is not lovely

20 Jun, 2012


Its a vision to be treasured.....1 mole 3 cats a dog and a mad woman with a garden hose.....priceless....:0))))

20 Jun, 2012


Cracking blog Angie :)

20 Jun, 2012


lol that was so funny :D I'm glad Moley escaped ... I wonder if he'll be paying you another visit soon ...

20 Jun, 2012


Oh love it, love it, love it. Am proud of you, all in your pjs too! lol Brilliant blog. jxxx

20 Jun, 2012


Lovely blog. I enjoyed it.

20 Jun, 2012


You couldn't make it up could you ???? definetily not what one expects when you are sitting minding your own ..........
we have an old stray who has adopted us and he has brought me quite a few over time thankfully none have appeared in my garden .......hope there is not too much damage ;))

20 Jun, 2012


That is priceless, sorry I probably shouldn`t laugh but I`m really tickled pink, its your own fault though as its so well written and I can picture the scenes, I hope he doesn`t come back though, I`m not sure you, your garden or your pets could stand the strain, lol....
Well done with getting the pics, I`ve never actually seen one myself, however I have seen the damage done to lawns in others gardens...

20 Jun, 2012


oh lolol! That was funny..poor Moley..i know its all nature ..but im glad you are ALL ok! lolling at you in your pj's! I take it the window cleaners didnt witness all this! Just aswell they woke you really tho eh?

20 Jun, 2012


Brill blog Scot. never seen a mole either but I do rather like them, they look so soft. Images of you in your jim jams, fag in hand and three cats plus the dog LOL. Plus trying to take photos too. Where was the window cleaner in all this?? (sorry Pixi, we have said the same thing!)

20 Jun, 2012


I'm trying not to Lol at work! So funny :o))

21 Jun, 2012


Im pleased that you were all amused as I was, after fact obviously :))
The window cleaner was along the road a wee bit but I would have imagined he must have had a laugh at the cats going hell for leather at my plants.
For those who haven't seen a mole - now you know - the way their bums waddle when they run is quiet cute!
Thank you all for liking - never a dull day, eh?!
My eyes will be peeled for a return visit, I don't want him taking up residence!!!!!

21 Jun, 2012 this is amazing because i was given some nice gardening mags. to read called 'The garden', they are the RHS. mag. Well I was reading through them this morning and guess what I found? An article about moles! and it is saying that if you plant Euphorbia Lathyris or Allium moly, Scilla, siberica, Frittillaria imperialis they deter moles because they dislike the smell of their roots!!! Amazing eh? Apparently there is no scientific evidence to support this idea but why not try!!

22 Jun, 2012


Grandmage, thank you for thinking about me and my visitor :)) Worth considering should moley return. Scilla - those bulbs up in picture 2 are exactly that and there is a euphorbia just a couple of feet away out of shot!
I do suspect though that the vast majority of the damage was done by the cats trying to get him! Well that's what I'm telling myself in the hope that he is long gone :)))

22 Jun, 2012


Well now you know how to keep them at bay and I wouldnt worry about keeping an eye out for 'mole' your cats will do that for you!

22 Jun, 2012


Only just found this.... great pics and captions :o)))

23 Jun, 2012


I can't help thinking a pet mole would be so cool...I can find one plenty of slugs and snails. I could keep it in a huge glass tank, and watch it dig all day. :))

23 Jun, 2012


"I am a mole and I live in a hole"
"I am a mole and I live in a tank"

One of those doesn't rhyme ... Lol. ;o)))

23 Jun, 2012 entertainment I've had this weekend, even better than the Pandas! :D

23 Jun, 2012


Thank you TT....pleased you enjoyed :)
P...if he comes back - I'll send him on to you 1st class :)
Karen, can you imagine how wet my slippers were? Glad I put a smile on your face :)

23 Jun, 2012


:D Soggy slippers, pjs, fag half hanging out of your mouth, hose in hand...I can just see it now! :D lol xx

23 Jun, 2012


Oh Scottish that is hilarious. I was sitting here cursing the rain as I am desperate to get out and get on in the garden but I would not have missed this for the world. Well done. I thought Hywel was the champion of bloggers but I'm so glad you joined GOY because between you, you make the world a lovely exciting place to be. lolololol!!!!! look on the wild side of life (singing).

2 Jul, 2012


Cursing the rain myself Sheila - I am really fed up with it now!!! Glad I managed to entertain and put a smile on your face. Thank you for the compliments - there really are appreciated.
How are you anyway - you haven't been on lately.

2 Jul, 2012


Been away down south for a few days and took my time recovering until Sunday when I got quite a lot of shifting around done before a friend arrived in the afternoon. I brought back another car load of plants which was mad really because I have plenty to be getting on with at the moment. We went in to Dobbies in Dunfermline yesterday and I got an Olearia ( a New Zealand shrub with a scented tiny daisy flower) which I hope will survive. I have had one before but they are a bit iffy up here. The gardener said he had never seen one before. If anything today has been worse than the other rainy days we have had because it is so fine and wetting. I took my camera battery charger with me and although I have not finished the unpacking I can't find it anywhere or I would have had some pics of what is flowering now. I was very excited to find the Geranium 'Hocus Pocus' starting to flower. It has very dark bronze foliage and deep lavendar blue flowers. Both Pink Marble and the physocarpus have settled in well and are looking really good. Thanks for the laugh.

2 Jul, 2012


LOL... great fun, Scottish! ( Much more entertaining than my Rufus' fun up a tree!) ...and it has a good old happy ending! Poor Moley...I wasn't fast enough...and the poor little mouse was mauled too severely to survive.

25 Aug, 2012


Thanks Lori....I hate when they come home with a half mauled animal. It makes me sad to have to do the final deed!

26 Aug, 2012


Agreed! But that is in tooth and claw...

28 Aug, 2012


How privledged you are to have one,and to see it! My poor motherinlaw has huge mounds all over her lawn,and her son is a man possesed trying to kill em,I rather like them,so cute,i want one!

30 Aug, 2012


Not sure priveledged would be the correct word Tropicalbabe - as you poor MIL will confirm. Not bothered with them in the garden but there are problems in the area around our village but the council don't do anything about them now.
They are very cute though :)

30 Aug, 2012

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