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Postal plants!


I had a lovely day in the works garden today.
Mussel building!
24×70kg bags to be moved. Thank god for wheelbarrows.
Filled the new planters with building rubbish and soil. Still topping up the fencing on the slope. Not there yet but its coming!
And moved a 6′×4′ wooden frame, Jame’s my boss refused to help cos of the spiders-.wimp!

Tony the M.G. came back from Ireland today, never makes any comment. Just wants to know when I’m filling the planters. Oh………..
you know those really good deals you get on the internet. 84 plug plants for some ridicules price. Well didn’t realize they would be quite so tiny. The first ones arrived last week, I didn’t know you could even buy such little plants.
130 pounds worth of tiddlers. Nothing I can use for the planters!

Do these plants even mature this year. I cant see them producing the fantastic displays you see in the catalogs. Can tell I don’t do flowers as a rule, cant you!

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hi Sandy ,i did the same a few years ago and was amazed at the size of the plants cant remember how well they did now but couldnt have been that good as never ordered any more

5 May, 2010


I bought some plug plants as pansies before Christmas and have only just got them into the garden LOL

I'm guessing they are fine if you have time and space to pot them all for growing on first :O)

5 May, 2010


Oh dear that's not good!

5 May, 2010


I think that lot are taking advantage of you :o((

5 May, 2010


Oh I don't know. fuchsias arrived yesterday and they where much bigger! Although the 5 tree lily's turned out to be 4 tree lily's and an Oriental lily which I put into one of the planters, Hope it doesn't look silly all on its own............

It was funny admitted to the owner of the local garden center we use a lot, what I had done and he raised a very knowing smile. "There all right if you have a heated green house and are prepared to look after them".......... He knows I'll be back!

8 May, 2010


hi Sandy, again on the subject of buying plants from catalogues etc i had a delivery of herbs today what a sorry state they were in 2 were even dead will post pics tomorrow if i get the time ..:o)

8 May, 2010


Yes I know what you mean, two of my fuchsias arrived broken of at the root, Glad I don't need all 30!

10 May, 2010

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