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What a week, I’m exorsted! Mind you no kids so I’ve sleeped for 12 hours, bliss…………..
The works garden has had its facelift, with all the planters being replanted (and it only cost £280, so far)I have planted loads of tulips in the planters, 86 on the slope alone. Plus a viburnum in an old tree hollow with crocus round the base (thanks Heron)

Replaced the conifers from the gasebo planters with Cordalines and put them round the front of the building. It took me 1 1/2 hours to do that alone, but of all the planting thats what people have notised!

It was funny, on the day I ran out of plants so nipped round the garden centre at about 2.30 to get some more. Realised it was 3pm when I got out so picked Stephen up from school. It took 3/4 of an hour to get back through the traffic with Stephen moaning all the way! When we got back it was very nearly dark so we did the last 8 planters in the near dark in about 1 minute each.

The front of house stalf where putting up the xmas decorations at the time so Stephen had a tour, where we found a bagminton set going up in the chapel, No I dont know why! So then I had moan about leaving he wanted to stay and play…………..Boys

o O o

Just going home today when I found that Martin had remembered the fence posts for me! So there’s me, new trainers, clean trousers, putting up posts and chicken wire for a leaf mould pen. Needs a hammer to knock them futher in which is why the black sacks are suporting it, but if anyone asks they will top it up later! As you can imagine I got encrusted in mud and soaked.

o O o

On a more sober note, an update on Donna-
Tony had an call wednesday, the Doctors thought she wouldnt survive the night, so he took Anthony out of school and rushed up. They stayed up that night waiting, but she make enought of a recovery to re-start her heart beating as it should.
What can I say? All the while she is unconcouse, is it fair on Anthony to take him up to wait for her to die if he cant even talk to her………

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Sandy, you've done a good job on the work planting and I bet it's nice to get compliments on it as well :)

You were a bit eager to get the posts in and got yourself in a bit of a muddy mess! Hope they all cleaned up ok (shoes and clothes I mean!).

Anthony must be feeling very confused at his mom's health not improving, even is a lot for a young child to take in. The hospital seem to be making heroic efforts to give her a chance of survival/recovery but how sad that she has not regained consciousness. Is Anthony settling in at his new school ok?

And I understand about Stephen's boredom and then his swing in the opposite direction once he found a badminton game to play! That's kids alright :)

22 Nov, 2010


I have to say that the planter in the pictute looks really nice.

things don't have to be doom and gloom in Atumn with Winter on its way within the next week.

London is due to be hit by snow on thursday, so you may get it on Thursday or Friday

22 Nov, 2010


Hi whistonlass,
Yes Anthony has surprissed me, he is adapting to school and seems to be enjoying it. One kid who is always with a smile on his face. Even joked about making his mum wake up so he could tell her he had beaten his dad at golf!

What do you mean snow by friday. Now thats just not funny, reserved for the hardy northerners, not us squigy southerners! Going to check the weather forcast (and no dought eat my words!)

22 Nov, 2010


Donna died last night! what can i say.

23 Nov, 2010


I audibly said "Oh no" and my hubby looked across at me to see what was wrong.

I am so sorry that Donna's life has ended after such a struggle and with all the care of the doctors and medical staff.

You and your partner will have some comforting to do with Anthony. I will hold you in my thoughts. We never know what we are going to have to deal with...wishing you lots of strength and wisdom as you walk through this sad time and look to the future, Sandra x

24 Nov, 2010


Dear Sandra
Thank you for the thoughts. Everything is very raw at the moment but Anthony has a good attitude. He said to me that at least she wont suffer any more! Which I thought a realy grown up attitude.

26 Nov, 2010


Sue (Sandygirl).....I've got you all in a muddle of confusion. I was addressing my above comment to you as "Sandra" I know your name is Sue. My name is Jacquie (Whistonlass). Is that clear as mud? lol

It is remarkable how kids can take such news isn't it? Anthony will definitely be feeling relief if he's watched his mom's health deteriorate over a period of time and having your stable home will be a big help and comfort to him...and he's got his dad too. Keeping you in thoughts. Pleased that you are coping...I understand how raw things can seem as you go through this.

26 Nov, 2010


Hello jacquie, I dont know where sandygirl came from, would be a certain logic to be sandra, but no common old sue!
I've spent all day with the radio and all the reports of the snow hope your not suffering. I on a whim ventured up to the pond and found the fish flondering in 4 inches of water. Had visions of having to clear out the pond in near freezing water. but it could have been worse they could have frozen over night!

An old friend came into work today. When I asked after his children I was told that his son had a car acident two weeks ago and killed his best friend. I cant get it out of my mind. you loose a mother and its part of life, we will get through it, but to live with being responsible for the death of a friend, how do you ever get over that!

26 Nov, 2010


Tragic for this friend's son....he'll be riddled with guilt but will have to forgive himself (not easy). It's one of life's hard lessons, thankfully I've not had to deal with that level of guilt. The ripples of grief for both families will be extensive.

Glad your fish survived the freezing water....I think I read on GoY that you can put a ball in the water and that means you always have an access point to break the ice and also people use upended (on its side) round chimney pots to give the fish somewhere to hide in the deep water.

A lot on your plate at the moment, Sue. Take care.

26 Nov, 2010

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