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Sleepy january


After weeks of trying to get an reply to an email from Thompson & Morgan. I had a lovely lady phone me. It seems the answer to getting plug plants really early in the year so you have time to grow them on, is to place an order at the end of January.
Ya I can see that happening……….I sleep for the whole of January, who gets organized enough to order summer bedding!

I just know everyone here is going to say we do…………

But on a positive note she told me the begonia corms that look like empty pots at the moment. It seems that at the end of the year if you let them dry out can be saved in a dry cardboard box for next year. So all is not lost!

Just 300 Buzy Lizzy’s that are still to small

Found a niffy way to water the flower pouches! If you get a small but long necked water bottle, put loads of holes round the neck it works just like a water miser at £2.99 a go!

This one I planted up with a hanging basket pack, wanted to see how they they should look!

Had a real surprise this morning. Woke up with the sun on my face at 7.30 and wandered up to the shed for breakfast with the fish. To find the pond water as clear as crystal!
The day before I went on holiday tried to clean out the pond pump only to have the bacteria light bulb break off in my hand.
In a panic I rushed out and payed £80 on a new filter and light. At this point the pond water was gungy with a green bloom on the surface. After a week away I had lost the bloom but the water wasn’t clear…….It was this morning.
Silly how little things can brighten your day.

I then spent 2 hours clearing the vegi patch. Getting the pumpkin and courgettes out of the shed and into the ground, sewing carrot seed and beetroot and thinning the clusters of broccoli/ cauliflower cross to one plant.
I tried to grow these last year even bought the cabbage collars for them but nothing grew. This year I started them in the shed and planted them in groups. Looking good!
Went to work at 12 o’clock feeling like I had achieved something. That was before it took me 1 hour to get the 4 miles to work, so the hour I would have spent in the works garden planting asters and giant carnations. I spent in the car.

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It's a funny old season isn't it? Everything so green and no sign of colour, my begonias are still static with weeny buds on, when are they going to grow? I want some colour, hopefully our photos come September will be beautiful !! Lovely blog SG.

13 Jun, 2010


i dont think of plug plants in jan either sandy,, i got mine from morrisons and cheap and grew really well, i tried begonias that had been over wintered and some grew and some didnt, guess that happens,glad you got your pond sorted, shame it cost £80, good idea with bottle to ;o))

13 Jun, 2010


I actually did get plug geraniums this year and they are gorgeous, very strong plants now but no flowers as yet!!! I also got trays from Morrisons at £1 each for six/eight plants they were extremely good value. My begonias are very slow though :0(

13 Jun, 2010


Love your idea with the bottle I will give it a try

13 Jun, 2010


300 Buizzy Lizzies ! Gosh that's a lot.
I sleep through January too lol - and February and December lol
Glad to hear your pond is clear now.

13 Jun, 2010


sound like morrison's is the place for plants, will have to look!

13 Jun, 2010


hi sandygirl i always take my begonia corms up and let them dry out in oct clean of the earth once dry and wrap them in newspaper then in to a carrier bag and keep them in a cool frost free place till spring when its time to plant them they are all well budded dont tell anyone i keep mine in bottom of my wardrope

14 Jun, 2010

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