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starting a flower busness


Tried to take a photo of a rose bush in full flower in the car park at work. But my camera told me the card was locked. Didn’t even know you could lock them but now I do, its a little slide on the side. You live and learn!

Gave up with the internet plants. They look so great in the catalogs but arrive at the end of may the size of new penny pieces. The ones that arrived 3 weeks ago might be ready for the garden in another month but there is a wedding going on tomorrow and Sunday so tony wanted the flower beds filled up.
So putting it down to experience went out and bought £130 plants out of my own money (they still hadn’t sent the receipt for the accountant!)

So am now the owner of 10 flower pouches, 300 busy lizzy’s, 40 begonia bulbs, 120 geranium plants!
Woke this morning dreaming of a garden blanketed with color. Or think I might be starting a flower stall……….

All in all I’m pleased with the way the works garden are shaping up.
Cant wait till the sweet peas and tree lily’s start to show themselves. But even the blue iris’s I thought just didn’t flower have developed flower buds. Just need to find some patience.

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my iris,s havnt flowered yet,maybe i should do the patience thing too,glad your happy today

27 May, 2010


I'm glad you were able to sort the flowers out but it did cost a lot of money. You're going to have a colourful garden later on aswell when the others come into bloom

28 May, 2010


hi sandy thanks for posting on my blog .You will have to learn to be more patiencent a garden is a slow hobby and take time to grow going back to your comment to me i think aberdeenshire has a good long growing period from end of may till oct i dont plant bedding till the end of may as there is always a risk of a slight frost till then happy gardening and enjoy your works flower beds ANDY SPEEDY 10

13 Jun, 2010


Yes Hywell, but I did get a result the company sent me some vouchers. So I'm going to treat myself to a fig tree! with the global warming and all!
Thinking of taking the excess plants round to Stephens school. They have a gardening club and some very overgrown flowerbeds outside the classrooms.

14 Jun, 2010


hi sandygirl i have posted a couple of pics on my page just for you have fun dont get frostbite

15 Jun, 2010

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