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With a worrying start, my 22 year old son needs a brain scan!

I took the rest of the day having some gardening therapy.
The potatoes got earthed up. I sowed some more dwarf beans. The asters got re potted. And I made way for the new Dahlias by thinning out some ground cover plants which have gone mad. The tree lilly’s now have a more prominent setting and everything got a good feed up!

Oh and for the first time ever I saw one of the carp jump out of the pond. Heard them often, but never seen them! And it was the big Black one…………

It seems to me that growing you own veg may be therapeutic but its not what you would call cheap. I added up the cost of the potatoes. For 6 bags which cost? £10 plus 4 bags of compost @ £5 each. £30 underestimated I expect . They better be wonderful potatoes, but then when the pots are finished I’ll have to get them planted with something else. parsnips for Xmas perhaps.

Looking on the bright side, holiday in two week, and counting, lets hope the boys remember to water the green house!

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I hope your son is all right. It must be a great worry for you.
I grow potatoes in pots aswell and what with watering them, the cost of compost, finding room to put them - I wonder if it's worth it.

19 May, 2010


I hope all will be well Sandygirl, you certainly have need of diversion in the garden, it does help to keep your mind clear. As for costing it all, well you're right it's probably cheaper to buy the stuff. By the time you've bought all the 'extras'. I often growl at Magazines that say all you need is a raised bed (have you seen the price of them) some fresh compost, netting......and so on. Who are they kidding? Not everyone can knock-up one for free or even make their own compost. As for seed, you can't afford to waste one. surely they could afford to put more Broad beans in a pkt. for £2. Once again they (the suppliers) have jumped on the bandwagon knowing they can rip us off.

19 May, 2010


I hope your son has positive news. I no longer have an allotment (not enough hours in a day ! ) but remember the totally fresh taste of peas, sweetcorn, cauliflowers, beans and you just can't beat freshly dug new potatoes with a sprig of mint ! Ah, good memories ! : o ) )

19 May, 2010


I hope it's all good news for your son..
I do agree that the cost of growing your own veg can be a little pricey but so much tastier eh

20 May, 2010


OMG is he ok????????? Growing your own veg is expensive. But on the plus side its home grown, its given you somwthing to do, it is as fresh as you can get it and you know whats gone into the bag. No pesticides or growth hormones etc. I'll grow my own any day!!

20 May, 2010


Oh bless him ... that's a worrying thing for him & you. Hope all is well.xx

When you're eating your own spuds you'll be glad you made the effort! I don't have room but I remember my dad always saying home-grown are so much tastier.

20 May, 2010


thanks all, awaiting his appointment!

I think the biggest plus with growing veg is that its always fresh when you want to pick it. Plus gives me an excuse at the end of the day to go off on my own- to water the garden............

20 May, 2010


We have started to eat our lettuce and what a feeling it gives to go and cut your own..It is so so tasty and am looking forward to more...It may be a little more expensive as Great says but the taste is second to none :-)

21 May, 2010


I agree with Cazzalyn, Lollo Rossa 'cut & come again' lettuce is lovely to cut and eat, after washing it (just in case ) within minutes.

21 May, 2010

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