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A lizard without its tail


By resi


we have many tailless lizards around the house, usually the result of a meeting with our dog!
we found her as a starving skeleton 6 years ago with a dangling chain round her neck and suspect that when she was chained up in her previous life and was bored with nothing to spend her energy on, she would chase lizards and insects, chained up!
her biggest joy is hornets, many decapitated hornet bodies everywhere in the garden.
i think it must be her terrier blood, she is a very mixed breed, sort of Heinz258 variety
we try to stop her but we have so many insects around, that this has sofar proved impossible
she is quick as lightning in spite of her now advanced age.

at least she doesnt ‘do’ butterflies or moths, probably because they are not exiting enough, so we are grateful for small mercies

this is how she was after we found her but before we adopted her

there is a bit more of her now, looking all innocent and sweet

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Will the lizard grow a new tail, Resi? What do you call your dog, she's lovely?

2 Jul, 2011


I see what you mean by "innocent and sweet"...and aged..her white muzzle tells the She really wasn't over fed was she..? She looks well loved now though. Mandy loved to eat bumblebees! Why I don't know...but I'd be working and I'd hear SNAP! slurp..slurp..gulp! She didn't like anything flying around her head...but bees were just irresistible to her, she would hunt them!
The tails of geckos are fat storage organs...if they lose one they regrow takes a while and they are vulnerable without one.

2 Jul, 2011


Lovely story of a now well-loved dog! My daughter got a 'rescue dog' from the pound near her home - a small fluffy Griffon-type terrier - who has an interest in ants. He follows them along the floor, sniffs them - then wonders where they've gone! His name is Louis but I think he should be called 'Hoover!'

3 Jul, 2011


thanks both, no Jesse doesnt eat either the lizards or the bees, just kills them!
she went mad around a hive we met on our walks a cple of weeks ago and was stung everywhere, twasnt pretty.
i really thought this would have cured her but a cple of hours later on the same walk, when she was feeling a lot better we passed another set of hives and she did the same thing again!!?? and still hasnt stopped doing it.
killing machine!!
i just have to make sure now never to go near another hive, shame that as i would very much like my own hives, it'll have to wait.
i did a few rescue missions, taking swarms from peoples chimneys or from behind shutters, with my sister who is a beekeeper, and loved it

8 Jul, 2011


Could Jesse become sensitized to the stings? I know that dogs have allergies too...and I react badly to bee stings and have been warned that local reactions with swelling can turn to a different reaction~ anaphalaxis with time and sufficient some people. Perhaps it warrants keeping an eye on her should she get stung again!?
It seems like a kind of mania doesn't it? Mandy just could NOT resist a bumblebee! she'd follow it all over the garden (trampling my beds) in an effort to corner it...then SNAP and the bee was no more! It was comical to see the self satisfied smugness on her blissful face...maybe bumblebees taste like ambrosia ..or honey???

10 Jul, 2011

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