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My front garden was being overtaken by Euphorbia helioscopa (sun spurge). We keep digging up the roots but it is very difficult to get them all as some are very fine and missed ones are re-sprouting. Please can you tell me the best way of getting rid of it.



Probably glyphosate weedkiller, spray or paint the new shoots as they appear the weedkiller will be taken to the roots but you will need to be vigilant

5 Sep, 2012


Maybe think of keeping it clear of other plants as far as possible for a good length of you can spot the shoots as they pop up then carefully extract as much as you can. I have done this on sections of the garden twice and third one in progress for Allium Cowanei as they shoot. Next section is to dig up larger alliums and try and deal with couch grass. Never ending.

6 Sep, 2012

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