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I have a Ginko tree about 6 yrs old, 4ft high and 6ft wide I now need to move it . I understand that I have to wait till after leaf fall. can you tell me how wide the roots may be and if there is a tap root. It is currently 5 ft away from a pond would the roots have gone into that.
how do I go about this move .
thank you for any advice you may offer.



The reason for not getting an answer may be that the only member I could find who grew this rare tree was Chrispook. You could try sending her a pm? this site might help you? › Trees › Tree Guide, as they have a page on them.

11 Sep, 2012


Sorry for delay in responding !! many thanks for your advice I will certainly look into the site that you recommended.

27 Sep, 2012



27 Sep, 2012

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