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If i harvest will they go red on their own they are green at the moment

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If i harvest my chillies will they go red on their own they are green at the moment




31 Aug, 2012


I'm going to guess tomatoes......I bring the toms onto the windowsil to finish off if they are slow ripening but not if they are completly green

31 Aug, 2012


Right, never thunked of them. We often have lots of green toms at the end of the season. They go in a drawer in the kitchen and ripen up slowly. Even been known to last until mid November.

31 Aug, 2012


I probably thought because I,d just put some on the windowsil......

31 Aug, 2012


Well the question asks about chillies, but never having grown them, I,m afraid I don,t know the answer, Derek.

31 Aug, 2012


I have a trick for ripening tomatoes on the vine - hang banana skins around them. Mine that had stayed green for weeks began to ripen in just a few days when I tried this. It might work for chillies too.
It works in the same way as leaving a ripe tomato with the green ones - the ripe fruit or banana skin gives off a gas that hastens ripening.

31 Aug, 2012


Oh Chilli's .........they need heat to ripen properly and would do better ripening on the plant. In Britain they do better under glass (even then this year its iffy)

1 Sep, 2012

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