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By Casso

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I am thinking of getting a plastic greenhouse as I have nowhere to put a glass one. I can get either a clear plastic or green plastic. I want to use it for keeping cuttings in. Which one should I get?



I wouldn't bother personally. I bought a 8 x 6 foot pop up poly house this year and it lasted 6 weeks. I could never have the door open in even the slightest breeze as it would rock about quite violently and in the end, it fell foul to a gust of wind which took it over into next doors and completely ruined it !!!!!!!

never again.

31 Aug, 2012


I have three plastic greenhouses - all heavily weighted down with large stones at the base! (THAT was a learning curve!). I overwinter seedlings in two of them, both of which have TWO covers for extra seedling protection. One then becomes my 'Basil Factory' for summer so I can make pesto. The third one is my 'pots and bits' store. I have had them for four years and now couldn't manage without them. The two 'working' GHs are partly protected by standing against walls. If extra cold weather is predicted, I stuff bubble wrap between the two covers which adds even more protection. All of them are clear plastic.

31 Aug, 2012


Maybe a cold frame would be a better option, the tiny plastic ones seem always to be too hot or cold, and and Andy says very unstable

31 Aug, 2012


I have a 4 shelf growhouse, and that took of with all my bedding plants in in the spring, I now load the bottom shelf with spare cans of water or bags of sand.

31 Aug, 2012


I weighted one down with a concrete block. The top blew off leaving just the base behind!! (Only fair to say I'd used them before for some years without disaster)

31 Aug, 2012


Thank you for your comments. I think I'll try a cold frame first.

1 Sep, 2012

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