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healthy looking raspberry canes - no fruit at all this year - last year had lots of fruit - help please!



Ddid you remove all the canes that fruited last year and only leave the ones that had just grown and not fruited? Or ddi you cut all the canes down?

31 Aug, 2012


I have had the same prob on all of the canes growing out side my fruit cage. (I replaced my canes in spring), but there were very few pollinating insects and the weather was cold and wet when the canes came into flower. So no fruits at all this year. These canes that have grown outside are of all sorts of ages, so it is not because they are young or old.

1 Sep, 2012


We've had a great fruiting season... just finished picking.

1 Sep, 2012


oh you show off MG :-) It's been really interesting for me this year to see what has worked and what hasn't, (and its been all produce that has failed) but then I broke my jam maker last year, so I haven't missed my rasps yet.

2 Sep, 2012


Sorry 2ndhand :-(

2 Sep, 2012

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