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I have a curly leaf willow tree in my garden. It is quite large and it overhangs part of my patio and part of my lawn. About 4 years ago I had the top third of the tree cut back. For the last three years the tree is full of dead leaves and is constantly shedding them over my lawn and patio even in spring and summer. I seem to be spending all my time clearing up these dead leaves which are an eyesore and quite frankly is spoiling my enthusiasm for keeping my garden tip top and tidy. I am seriously thinking of removing this tree which used to at one time give me such pleasure and shade. Please advise as to what the problem might be and wether it can be remedied.
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your willow if healthy could become a problem so close to your patio . you could wate till winter early spring is best and cut a new shoot of and plant it further away from foundations,patio etc . as for the problem i cant help thow the weather has been quit wet for a while with some hot spots jnow . my acer tree is shedding leaves but im not overly worried as the tree itself looks well . a weeping cherry would look nice wear your willow is perhaps .

19 Aug, 2012


It sounds like insect damage, could be beetle or borers they may have found easy access to your freshly lopped tree, don't know if its easy for you to investigate the affected areas, but if you can identify the culprit/s a remedy may be available to you.

19 Aug, 2012


It rather depends if/what other symptoms the tree has - Willow Anthracnose is a possibility - that causes the leaves to yellow and fall prematurely, and defoliation may be extensive by mid summer.

20 Aug, 2012

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