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By Amy

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have a rose which was here when we moved here 15 yrs ago , I don,t know it,s name , it has always flowered prolifically , covering the top of the summerhouse , looking beautiful .
it never showed any sign of disease before , I enjoy taking rose cuttings , so took several from it ..
I planted the new ones in the garden last year , I now have 5 including the old parent one.
They all have this horrible mildew this year . I don,t like to spray , but did as a last resort to saving them .it hasn,t made much difference ..
My question is , will they recover for another year or should they be removed ?




I'm sure you could save them. Amy - It seems an awful shame to take them out. Try another dose of spray!

Good luck.

6 Jun, 2009


Use Roseclear, mix it yourself, initial double strength spray because the mildew is heavy. That should sort it.

6 Jun, 2009


Water well at the roots, not on the leaves, mulch and generally improve the cultural conditions. This will help your roses deal with diseases. New roses in particular don't like to be crowded out so try and give them as much space as possible. Remove and burn any diseased leaves etc from around the base of the plant. Good hygiene is important!

6 Jun, 2009


Mildew can be caused by dryness at the root and we have had a very dry spring this year. As louloubelle has suggested, water well at the roots and watch out for further dry spells and get in there with the watering can

6 Jun, 2009


Thanks for all your advice , I will do as you say with the Roseclear Bamboo .
I will also give the ground a good watering , we actually took out a row of about 10 very tall conifers were the roses are , in fact we left 3 of the tall tree stumps minus the branches to grow the roses up , thinking about it now those trees must have sucked all the moisture out of the ground , and as you say having a dry spring on top of that ... I will see what I can do to improve things . all my other roses in the garden are fine ..

6 Jun, 2009

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