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Is it safe to water my garden from a tap that is supplied from a water softener

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

one outside tap is supplied from a water softener



doctorbob's the one to answer this, I think. I'm not sure what's used to soften the water, don't think it's a chemical, and if it isn't, it'll be fine - Devon has nothing but soft water naturally, after all.

6 Jun, 2009


I bought a water filter for my garden hose. It fits into a section of the hose itself near to the tap. It cost me about £50 which I bought on Amazon, as I tried two garden centres but they were unable to supplly it. I wanted to make sure I get the chlorine out of my tap water as I have a theory that it was chlorinating and thus harming my plants which I was growing in pots, like the long-term planted pots filled with John Innes, etc. I'm hoping that now I will get better results. It should filter out any other impurities too.

6 Jun, 2009


As water softeners use sodium (salt) to soften the water I would say - NO.

6 Jun, 2009

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