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By 123mart

Wales Wal

i havent got a veg patch yet so i would like to grow as
much as i can in pots can you tell me which vegatables
would do well in containers



I have grown lettuce, spinach, kale,swiss chard, broccoli,eggplant(aubergine),tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots, onions, melons, strawberries, and tomatillos along with lots of different herbs and flowers, all in pots or shallow wooden boxes. So I guess your answer is almost anything will do okay as long as the container is big enough!

28 May, 2009


Depth of container is the most importantthing for growing veggies - especially anything where you are gonig to eat the root - like carrots. But have a go and see what happens!

28 May, 2009


to add to Wohlibuli's list i have grown cabbages, beetroot, mangetoute, runner/dwarf french/broad beans. i use the 3-5 litr tomato pots and use garden soil mixed with garden compost depending on what i am growing.

28 May, 2009


You can buy great plastic bags with holes at the bottom, for potatoes. I've done this, altho' I've now planted some courgettes in one!

31 May, 2009


thank you all for taking the time
to answer my qeustion it very apriciated sorry for the spelling i will
take on boared everything you have
said now ill will be growing my veg in

1 Jun, 2009

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