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Wild Rose Swap


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Just wondering if any GOY Members have any Wild Rose Suckers/Plants they may want 2 Swap me for Plants ? Many Thanx Jacx



I may have some as one of my roses is starting to sucker Jacque

28 May, 2009


what does sucker mean? sorry must sound dense, but I have some lovely wild roses at the front of my house am more than happy to share... if I knew how

x x x

28 May, 2009


Suckers are the roots that spread out honey. Basically, another plant for free! Lol!

29 May, 2009


ooooooh I see
will have to have a look see if I can find them!!

doh i hate the dumb way I sound when I write

x x

29 May, 2009


Some plants are grafted on to the roots of another (a bit like knitting two plants together). Some roses are grafted on to wild rose rootstock and lilac is often grafted on to privet rootstock. If there is new growth coming from below the graft (the place where the two plants are joined), it will be of the rootstock plant not the top one - this is what is known as a sucker

29 May, 2009

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« Its about 16 ft tall and 25ft wide.


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