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More Tomato problems!!


By Stee41

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom Gb

I managed to rectify the tight curling of my tomato plant leaves it was cold temperature at night that was the cause.
I now have another problem, can anyone give advice the bottom of each plant the leaves have become mottled with light blotches, they have gone dry and a touch crispy and have started to curl upwards, (see photo) I think the watering is ok and definately not overwatered, I have sprayed the plants with Epsom salts as recommended and every other feed is miracle grow instead of Tomato feed, the tops have been nipped out at 5 trusses and I have no pests that are visible, every plant has fruit on it.




This is down to old age of the leaf. remove them and the plant will be fine.

28 May, 2009


thanks seaburngirl :)

you learn something every day!

28 May, 2009

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