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blackfly on tomato plant

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My tomato plant has loads of little tomatoes already, unfortunately it has also become infested with blackfly. I have sprayed it with diluted washing up liquid. What organic methods should I try? Thanks



apparently if you soak stinging nettles in water for 2 weeks and use the liquid in a spray bottle this is an organic way of killing off greenfly on roses, so I cant see why it shouldnt work with black fly on ya toms?!

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27 May, 2009


If it's in a greenhouse you could try a biological control, but these are quite expensive if you only have a few plants.Put up a yellow sticky trap nearby. This attracts the insects which then get stuck and ...problem solved. Knock the plant gently to get the blackfly to fly up and get stuck.

27 May, 2009


Another thing to try is to plant nasturtiums beside the tomatoes as a sacrificial plant

27 May, 2009


ooh do they eat them then I take it? thats a great tip I have loads of them so will do this tomorrow


27 May, 2009

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