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Is my 4.5 yr old acacia golden wattle okay?

Inverness-shire, United Kingdom Gb

It did have lovely yellow flowers which are now darkening and not looking so healthy. I put it in some ericacious compost when I planted it, but have since discovered that it likes a nuetral soil. It does seem to have some new growth but i am concerned that the soil will be damaging it if I don't dig it up and replant it. I planted it in a sunny position in my garden.



I've just bought one of these so have done some reading up.

There are various species of the Acacia and most seem to be called Golden Wattle, which is a tad confusing.

If you have the longifolia, your soil should be fine. This is one of the lime tolerant ones but it does actually prefer a bit of acid. As for the flowers, they are coming to the end anyway now. The others do apparently prefer acid soil too.

A sunny position is good too, although it likes a bit of shelter. So, as I say, I'm no expert here, but I would leave it for now and see how it goes.

27 May, 2009


I'd leave it. Adding ericaceous compost to open soil will not change the pH much. Mulch with ordinary garden compost if you like.

27 May, 2009

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