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Jungle garden


By Nics

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Here's a quandary - I have decided to build a small jungle garden for my kids. I have various grasses and cannas and hostas and intend to plant ginger lillies. However, I am a bit confused, would you say that tropical/japanese/jungle gardens all more or less have the same things. Also what do you suggest I cover the spare earth with to make it look 'natural'. Thanks



I would say some wildflowers but not sure which types are jungly/japanesey/tropical

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27 May, 2009


You don't nees to use exotic plants. Any plant with large leaves will help with the look. Try Fatsia japonica (good in shade) or ferns, hostas and how about variegated sweetcorn? Cover spare earth with large bark mulch (not the fine stuff). How about a willow teepee to play in. (I've come over all Lord of the Flies!!)

27 May, 2009


Volunteer, coming over all imaginative sums us gardeners up to a tee !!! :)

27 May, 2009



Love the idea of the large bark. Never heard of variegated sweetcorn - is it too late to plant from see and where do I get seed/plant?

27 May, 2009

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