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got a twisted willow which is being eaten by millions of catterpillars

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how do i sort it out ? and stop it happening again its 3 years old and most of the foliage has gone ?
Its right by runner beans and broad beans need organic answer.



(an insecticide might be the answer) Would love to see a pic of that.

27 May, 2009


These may be sawflies, I had some that crawled off a gooseberry plant in a pot ( waiting to be planted) onto a dwarf willow. It took a couple of years to get rid off it. I laboriously picked off all the caterpillars. Or try a systemic insecticide, this goes into the sap of the plant and kills anything that tries to eat the leaves. Not very organic, but sometimes you have to resort to a spray. Read the labels on the containers before you choose one to buy so that you get the most 'organic' one.

27 May, 2009

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