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i have an influx of earywigs are they the culprits who are devouring my plants and if so how can i get rid of them?



Hiya, Earwigs nibble flowers, if you're losing full plants it's more likely to be slugs and snails, do you have any pics of the damage? X might help identify what pests you're dealing with x

5 Jul, 2012


Magnadoodle's right in what she says above.
If, though, some flowers are being damaged, specially on things like dahlias, an upside down flowerpot full of straw or similar material, supported on a cane, next to the affected plant, will work - you have to empty the pot every day into a bucket of water to stop the earwigs escaping. Earwigs get into the pot by morning to sleep the day away before coming out again the next night to eat your flowers.

5 Jul, 2012


Thanks bamboo, been spiriting earwigs in my garden recently so will try they and maybe get them before I actually get blOoms x

6 Jul, 2012

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