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how and when do I feed herbs?


By 010705

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just created a herb wheel and want my herbs to look healthy however since I will use these herbs in cooking am wary of what I can use to enhance them



Any nitrogenous feed, like growmore, or a liquid version, will be fine for you to eat. It's the pesticides you might spray on you have to be careful with if its a food plant. Bear in mind, though, that most herbs, provided they're in sun and not suffering drought, grow like weeds anyway!

23 May, 2009


I personally would never feed herbs - the conditions they grow in out in the wild are extremely lean and feeding could result in lanky, overgrown, out of character plants.

23 May, 2009


Just as Moongrower says, Im very much into herbs and wildflowers and am a firm believer in letting it do what it would naturally. definatly taste much better,

x x x

23 May, 2009

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