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Transplanting lilies.

I have a lily in my garden which is currently in flower. However, it is situated directly beneath a foxglove and both flowers look like they're in some sort of competition at the moment. Ideally I would like to move my lily to another part of the flower bed where it can be seen alone, but I am unsure about the rules regarding moving lilies, especially when they are in flower (as mine is).
Does anyone have any advice on this?
Many thanks.



I would not move it whilst it is in flower. You will disturb the roots and upset the bulb. Wait until just before all the foliage has died down but you can still see where the lily is. Lift and re-plant it then and enjoy it next summer.

22 Jun, 2012


And if when digging it up, you remove 3 or 4 outer scales from the bulb you can propagate to increase your stock that will produce a couple of flowers in a couple of years, but will produce more flowers the older they get.

23 Jun, 2012


Thank you both for your help. I shall follow your advice :-)

23 Jun, 2012


Just thinking latteraly on this, if you are talking about the regular purple foxglove it is biennial so will die off after flowering. You can collect seed to grow more or let it self seed but it won't be in competition with the lily next year anyway.

23 Jun, 2012

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