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Does anyone know how to succeed with the Himalayan Poppy. I bought three through the post, seemingly the only way, and they did alright at first, then one died. The other two are quickly following. They are in pots on the kitchen window-sill and are not, so far as I can say, over-watered.



Hi Cutsandgrazes and welcome to GoY. Your Meconopsis need to be out in the garden they grow at around 3 - 5,000 metres in the Himalayas and will not like being indoors. Good humus rich soil and plenty of moisture. If you have clay based soil you will need to get a lot of good humus into the holes. Personally I would not recommend buying Mecs via the web but if that is the only way you can buy I guess you have to. Do you know which particular Meconopsis you have i.e. Davidii.

22 Jun, 2012


I agree with MG, outside in shade. Not on windowsill in bright light and even worse in sunlight.

23 Jun, 2012


Thanks for your comments guys. Sorry I don't know the details of the ones we have (had). We did have one years ago, which seemed to do well in the conditions you describe but these seemed too small to put out. We'll have to try and get a larger potted sample and plant straight into garden. Thanks again.

23 Jun, 2012


However small do get into the garden Cutsandgrazes they simply can't survive indoors

23 Jun, 2012

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