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I have a large plant that looks like rhubarb, but I am not can I know it is not just a weed that resembles rhubarb?



There are several plants like that. Can you post a photo? In the meantime, don't eat it, will you!

15 Jun, 2012


If you are lucky, it's Rheum palmatum, a relative of rhubarb but grown as an ornamental. If you are even luckier, it's Gunnera manicata, and will grow to a huge size eventually if protected over winter.
But unfortunately, as it sounds like it has come up like a weed, rather than being established in a garden you have just come to (?) it's more likely to be something like burdock.
As Spritzhenry says, only a psychic can tell you without a photo!

15 Jun, 2012


If the plant has soft prickles all up the stem, it'll be a gunnera,

15 Jun, 2012


And if you are really unlucky it could be giant hogweed! Please post a picture so that we can give better advice.

15 Jun, 2012

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