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I have many seedlings in my greenhouse and they have all grown successfully. Something has been molesting them as they have been bitteh through a the base of the seedling---not then eaten just left. Any ideas?



I had much the same sort of thing in my greenhouse earlier this year, Jill, and although I couldn't SEE any slugs, I put a few blue metaldehyde pellets on each seed tray and plant pot. I was really surprised at how many tiny little corpses there were next morning. I imagine you may have the same problem. As long as you keep the pellets and the dead slugs out of the way of other animals such as hedgehogs and birds, and dispose of them carefully, then I think this may be worth a try.

15 Jun, 2012


I agree - I get tiny snails. I use slug pellets too, and it's surprising how many I see in the morning, but at least my babies are safe.

15 Jun, 2012


A mouse did this to my seedlings and I had to move them all up higher so it couldn't reach them.

15 Jun, 2012


I hadn't thought of mice - with 23 cats, we don't tend to have that problem!

16 Jun, 2012


HOW many??? :-O

18 Jun, 2012


Um, we keep losing count, but it's about that number. These are all originally feral "abbandonati" whose owners just leave them behind at the end of the summer holidays, and which normally die of hunger, cold or violence on the part of the farming community. We have been rounding them up as best we can and taking them off to get them sterilised so there aren't hundreds of kittens dying of starvation and roaming the hills. They tend to hang around when they realise they're onto a cushy number. Only a small handful come into the house (except in the really, really cold weather - it was like a zoo then).

18 Jun, 2012

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