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can anybody tell me what is the name of the cordyline that are like small tree's. I have had 2 in pots for 9 years, but unfortunatlly lost them both to frost this year. I want to replace them, but do not know the name. they was about2feet tall, red / green.



My manager buys hundreds of the things but mainly 3 types:

Green - Cordyline australis (Generally the hardiest)

Red - Cordyline australis 'Torbay Red'

Variegated - Cordyline australis 'Sparkler'

There are several other forms though but these are probably the most popular along with 'Sundance'.

5 May, 2009


The Cordylines that I have transfered from pots to open ground have all eventually turned into small trees and some into quite tall trees.

5 May, 2009


yes i lost a 2 ft red star this winter.i have been told that if you pull all the leaves up into a spike cable tie it then that should do but if it is freezing for any length of time to wrap with a fleece as well.i will be doing it this year

6 May, 2009


There's also the C. stricta which is much more vertical with shorter leaves than the C.australis. Haven't seen a red/green one though .. mine is just plain green.
Edit: Just had a close look - slight red 'stripe' along the centre of the leaves (*must* put glasses on more often!) so might be red/green in better growing conditions.

7 May, 2009

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