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Dry patches appearing after mowing

London, United Kingdom Gb

I usually mow to 32mm depth using a cylindrical electric mower. After mowing some dry patches are appearing which require reseeding. Any explanations for these dry patches and how to avoid them? I thought about the mower but then again if my mower blades are to be blamed then the problem will be everywhere.





do you have pets? this could be areas where they do their tiddles?

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5 May, 2009


The picture looks a lot shorter than 32mm? The patches could be the daddy long legs larvae or something similar.

6 May, 2009


Thanks everyone.

I don't have pets ( however cats do come sometimes to do their business in the flower beds).

The grass is actually more than 32 mm. The pic is taken from an angle.

I'll keep at it.

9 May, 2009


good luck keep us posted

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9 May, 2009

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