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something digging in my plantpots


By Jwelsh

cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

every day I get up and something has been digging in my plantpots. I thought it could be cats but there is no smell and no dirt there. I put some weed control fabric around the plants with a few small stones on top to hold it there but this has been moved and the soil disturbed again. Can anyone help please?



Foxes? they look for grubs. orange peel or smelly gel crystals might work. I've been told that they are creatures of habit, so the trick with foxes is to get them to change their routine. strong smelling stuff deters them and they go another way, and forget all about whatever it was attracting them to your garden.

30 Apr, 2009


hedge hogs to

1 May, 2009


do you or any of your neighbours put nuts out for the squirrels , or are there any squirrels around? because I get them hiding nuts in my containers all the time , check to see if there are any buried peanuts.

1 May, 2009


good thinking mac

1 May, 2009


Squirrels? They are always burying peanuts and acorns in my plant pots. Dig down a little to see if anything has been buried. If there is a nut or an acorn , then the squirrel is the most likely culprit.

1 May, 2009


Try sprinckling a little pepper. This is something that most people have to hand already and will certainly put off anything with a good sence of smell whilst not harming anything, plant or animal!

1 May, 2009


when i read the question my first thought was squirells as they do that to mine too.
welcome to GoY too :o)

1 May, 2009


I'd say squirrels too. They're always digging up my pots !!!

1 May, 2009

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