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exotic plumbago

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Am very proud of my two very healthy plumbago cuttings taken in Nov 08 from a Canary Island. Both are well rooted abd have healthy new growth and I've recently transferred them into large ceramic pots using general purpose compost. I know they won't be frost hardy and plan to bring them into a frost free conservatory in the winter but how do I encourage them to bush out rather than continue to grow upwards and how do I encourage them to flower. Is general purpose compost ok for them and how often should I feed them and, with what? Hoe someone can give me some advice.



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As a general rule to make a plant bush out you have to pinch out the growing tip. so either cut or nip out the very tips of the shoot and wait. new side shoots will sprout. as for making it flower it may take a year or too but you could give it a general feed. we have soluble food like 'miraclegrow' and 'growmore' for sale in our garden centres. dont know what your equivalent would be in the US,

1 May, 2009

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