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does anyone know where i can buy some of these plants - crocus baytopiorum

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My friend likes the look of crocus baytopiorum does anyone know where i can buy some preferably in the Essex area

On plant Crocus baytopiorum



You wont be able to buy crocus bulbs at this time of year they will go on sale in autumn. It is possible, but unlikely that a local garden centre will stock - your best best is to buy from one of the big bulb houses on the web

28 Apr, 2009


You are unlikely to find C. baytropiorum on the shelves of a garden center, you would be better to buy by mail order. Try:
These are all likely to offer this auumn flower beauty at a reasonable price.

28 Apr, 2009


Sorry, baytopiorum is early spring flowering, of course!

28 Apr, 2009


The other place is Kew, they sometimes have the rarer bulbs on sale.

28 Apr, 2009


I must admit that when I first answered this question I was thinking of the autumn flowering Crocus banaticus.
C. baytopiorum is a species that I don't have in my own collection so the question inspired me to find some for myself. And, so far, I have FAILED. Even the small, specialist bulb growres that I know don't have it at the moment. So, if you find this bulb, Blighted, please let me know.

28 Apr, 2009


I did grow it from seed from a seed exchange quite a few years back. It flowered too, once! Then it was eaten by a mouse.

28 Apr, 2009


Thank you everybody i will try to located these in the autumn and will let you know what happens.

30 Apr, 2009


Sorry I do not know what happened here I had previously written thanking everybody and saying that I would try to locate these in the autumn and let everyone know and it suddenly appeared blank!

30 Apr, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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