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Are these 'anti-mole' plants safe?


By Carolb

United Kingdom Gb

I have moles in my veg patch and a frien has given me several 'bulbs' for anti-mole plants. they are from China and are from the family Bignoniacae-Incarvillea. The attached paper says they should be planted 14metres apart and have flowers 24 - 60 cm. A single plant can cover 20 metres. Shouls I use then or not?



Well - why not? Give it a go and tell us if it works!

Good luck!

24 Apr, 2009


Even if it doesn't work. Incarvillea is a beautiful flowering plant. But place sharp sand round it in Autumn to mark where it is and deter the Slugs and Snails who love it.

24 Apr, 2009


you cant win lol

25 Apr, 2009


Haha! I'd definitely not grow anything in my veg patch to attract slugs and snails. :-)

26 Apr, 2009


id do it somewear to atract them in the day at rest and go and kill them

26 Apr, 2009


Could we send you all ours, NP, for a cement burial? :-)

27 Apr, 2009


you wont need to lick the envelope lol

27 Apr, 2009

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