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Help, i have found a packet of seeds in my garage that i have obviously planted at some time but have no idea what they are, on the packet is printed ORGCARNA followed by a number 5649/N

does anyone have any idea what they are. They were in with all my veg seeds but that is all i know




Carnations?? Just a wild guess, however......

22 Apr, 2012


ORGanic CARrot NAntes?

22 Apr, 2012


That is clever Bulba!

22 Apr, 2012


Rosie will be describing the foil packet within the colourful display envelope and this marking is typical of the abbreviated name that the packetrs use. The number is probably an order code. Thanks, Steragram, I love a bit flattery!

22 Apr, 2012


thank you everyone, i will just have to plant them and see what comes up!

22 Apr, 2012


My pleasure Bulba!

23 Apr, 2012

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