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By Millyme

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

i have midges hanging about around my front door!!
how can i get these little pests to go away?



I don't have an answer but if anyone does I'd be glad to hear it - they seem to be everywhere at the moment presumably because of the weather being so mild.

22 Mar, 2012


it is because its mild . there is also a lot of ladybirds so its not all bad . id be inclined to keep them of yourself as you cant stop them loitering wear they want to be . they do seam to like still water if that helps or drains . anything with moisture . i watched a program called moonshiners the other day . these are people in the usa making there own corn alchahol which is ilegal so they look for water hidden away in the shade . they coverd the bottle but i recognised it as listerine mouthwash . they put it in a fine spray bottle and sprayed thereselves to stop midges etc . im thinking if they know whats a good repelant then theres a good chance it is .

22 Mar, 2012


Make sure you've no standing water anywhere - maybe a pot or bucket or something standing about with water in it, that will attract them, even an overflowing drain or blocked gutter pipe holding water.

22 Mar, 2012


great minds bamboo x .

23 Mar, 2012

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